10 Best Self Defense Classes for Women in 2022
Enrolling in a martial art or combat sport is one of the best ways to defend yourself as a woman. Learning to use your arms, legs, and body to naturally and effectively fight off an attacker means that you can protect yourself wherever you go. Additionally, you'll learn how to identify dangerous situations and avoid them, verbally defend yourself, and increase your self confidence in everyday situations.
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Creating Defender Ring Z

Defender Ring Z is our large self defense ring with a heavily requested new feature: a serrated blade.

We have received countless inquiries into the effectiveness of our self defense rings to cut through rope and zip ties. And unfortunately before our latest serrated ring weapons, we were not able to confidently back any claims of their rope or zip tie cutting abilities.

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The Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

If you aren’t a strong or big woman, how can you defend yourself against a bigger or stronger male attacker?

Since caveman days, we’ve invented tools that someone of less strength and size can use to hunt larger animals for food.

Today, we continue to create tools and weapons that women can use to defend themselves against a bigger or stronger assailant.

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Maximalist Jewelry Trends in 2021
Maximalism is mainly about color collision, patterns and shapes, repetition, variety, and rich imagination. It also oozes “order in chaos” and it maximizes the use of fun, bold elements to catch people’s eyes and make a unique fashion statement.
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