TSA Warranty

Free replacement if your product is confiscated by the TSA.

Safely explore the world with your Defender Ring.

Many of our customers travel with their rings for protection and no customers have ever reported having their rings confiscated or flagged.

Our guarantee states that if your ring is confiscated by TSA or airport security while traveling, it is covered under our TSA Warranty and we will replace it for free.

    TSA Warranty Coverage

    If you would like product replacement under our TSA Warranty, please email us with the following:

    1. Your name and order number.
    2. An account of how your product was flagged and confiscated by TSA or Airport Security.
    3. A photo or copy of your airline ticket.
    4. Photos of your ring after it has been confiscated or out of your possession.

    If your product replacement is covered by our TSA Warranty, we will send you a new replacement product for free and you will only be responsible for shipping costs as follows:

    • Domestic Customers: $5 Flat Rate Replacement Product Shipping
    • International Customers: $14 Flat Rate Replacement Product Shipping

    If you have any questions about our TSA Warranty, please email us at support@defenderring.com!