Do Self Defense Classes Really Help? | Martial Arts Class Effectiveness

Do Self Defense Classes Really Help? | Martial Arts Class Effectiveness

If I'm a petite female, will a self defense class really help me in a dangerous situation?

Can a martial arts class make a difference in a real life attack?

The answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes.

How so?

There are many factors involved in defending yourself in a dangerous situation.

Let's discuss these factors below so you get an idea of how self defense and martial arts classes can give you a significant advantage if you're ever in a dangerous situation.

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The Attacker

Scary Man Behind Fogged Glass with Hands on Window

When we imagine an "attacker", we typically think of a big, strong, scary figure looming over us. Someone who can easily overpower us and there's nothing we can do to stop them.

However, that isn't always the case. Bad people come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances. This is where martial arts and self defense comes into play.

If your attacker is the same size as you, or if he's slightly bigger than you, then trying to fight him off might be a difficult task if you were untrained.

However learning martial arts and self defense will give you the skills, power, stamina, and experience needed to fight off an attacker that is slightly bigger than you. Any moderate differences in size can be neutralized with proper self defense training.

Don't always assume your attacker will look the same. Martial arts training can help you survive and can end up being the difference in many dangerous situations.

Skills and Training

Self Defence Woman Striking Man in Face with Elbow Strike

Sometimes the hardest potential to see is our own.

It can be difficult to imagine yourself capable of throwing sharp punches and powerful kicks that can incapacitate a full grown man in one strike.

But the reality is, it's not only possible, but very likely if you enroll in a self defense or martial arts class.

How long do you have to train to be able to take down a full grown man in one strike?

That will depend on how often you train, the type of martial arts class you take, and your ability to learn and internalize the discipline.

However, you should start to develop faster and more powerful strikes, and greater muscle memory within a few months of regular training. After half a year of consistent training, you should feel comfortable deploying what you've learned in a dangerous situation, and it could very well be the difference in a life or death situation.

Students also learn how to defend themselves using improvised weapons or objects in their environment. Prior to taking a self defense class, they may not be able to identify effective potential weapons, but after taking a self defense class they will realize that everyday objects from a chair to a pen, can be used to fight off an attacker.

Confidence and Empowerment

Woman Crossing Her Arms in Confidence

Deterring a predator from even targeting you in the first place, might be one of the greatest benefits of learning a martial art.

After you've been training in a martial arts class for a bit, you will start to realize that you're getting stronger, faster, more powerful, and better at these skills and strikes. You will start to get comfortable unleashing kicks and punches, and be able to feel the power behind them. A beginner's kick that was once out of your flexibility range and had no force behind it, is now snapped out from your body comfortably and quickly.

As you start to realize your growing physical prowess, your beliefs, mindsets, energy, and presence will also start to change.

You will start to believe that you are not vulnerable or disadvantaged in a dangerous situation. You will begin to think like a fighter and a warrior, and visualize scenarios and how you would act, giving you preparation and calmness if those situations were to arise. You will start to emanate a more confident energy and walk with a more assertive aura, which can be picked up on by everyone around you.

Predators are known to be cowards, and they prey on weaker victims to reduce resistance. As you internalize these beliefs and mindsets, and manifest these strong energies, you will create a powerful presence that deters and discourages potential predators from attacking you in the first place.

Deescalation and Other Non-Confrontational Strategies

Woman Verbally Defending Herself Against Man

"The greatest victory is that which requires no battle." - Sun Tzu.

Self defense and martial art classes will also teach you important non-contact strategies to deescalate and discourage attacks.

Deescalation is decreasing the intensity, volume, language, intent, or scope in a conflict before it turns to violence.

There are many effective verbal self defense strategies one can use to avoid conflict. Sometimes simply apologizing will reduce the tension in an argument and make the other party feel better. Listening and responding in a calm and understanding manner is another verbal self defense strategy that can prevent violence from occurring. Lastly, by simply telling the other person that you mean no harm and walking away, is sometimes all it takes to show your non-threatening intentions.

Practical Benefits of Self Defense and Martial Arts Classes

We're not trying to promote any untested woo-woo martial arts classes here. Martial arts have been used for centuries by people of less size and strength to fight off offenders that were larger than them.

Aside from the defensive benefits listed above, you'll also improve your physical fitness and health, meet new like-minded people, and learn a new hobby.

Most self defense classes are reasonably priced and have flexible schedules, so there are very few drawbacks to enrolling.

At the very least, most gyms offer a free class or trial period in which you can participate in classes and learn about their school before making your decision.

Overall, self defense and martial arts classes can be very effective at teaching you practical self defense that you can use in a real-life situation. We encourage everyone who's interested in self defense to take up a class, learn how to defend themselves, become empowered, and better their lives!


  • Taylor Abrams

    I’m the owner of a BPO firm, thus I worry about my employees traveling home alone in the middle of the night because they work graveyard and night shifts. I like that you proposed taking martial arts self-defense classes along with team-building exercises since they can help you develop the skills and confidence to prevent feeling helpless or at a disadvantage in tense circumstances. Once I find the opportunity to lead a team-building lecture for my workers, I’ll make sure to take hiring a martial arts teacher into consideration.

  • Anna Collins

    I run a call center, and since I have staff that works the graveyard and night shift, I worry about them walking home late at night by themselves. I’m thankful that you suggested getting team-building activities with self-defense courses since they can help give you the confidence and skills to avoid thinking you’re vulnerable or disadvantaged in scary situations. I’ll be sure to consider hiring a martial arts trainer once I find the time to conduct a team-building seminar for my staff.

  • Donna

    Some guy on YT was saying it doesn’t matter how much training a woman has, she will always be weaker than a man. I found that very distasteful and frankly untrue and appreciate your opinion that training can level the playing field.

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