General Partnerships

Defender Ring partners with organizations, brands, and individuals who align with our global social mission of female empowerment and protection by providing products, donations, resources, and support.

Sponsorships and Donations

Defender Ring sponsors and provides donations or raffle prizes to charity events that align with our global social mission. If you're interested in partnering with Defender Ring for your event, email us at

Defender Ring x Global Care & Response Partnership

We at Defender Ring are happy to announce a partnership with Global Care & Response, a nonprofit organization and counseling center that provides services to female survivors of sex trafficking.

Defender Ring and Global Care & Response will strive to work towards achieving common goals of empowering survivors of human trafficking through counseling services, resources, and self defense training.

Defender Ring will assist GCR by providing products and resources to their female survivors to help support and empower them on their recovery journeys, as they continue to heal and learn how to protect themselves from ever being trafficked again.

Here are the personal stories of some of the female survivors who work with GCR:


K.R., Age 17

"I plan to be an art therapist in the future to help other people who have gone through similar trials as me."

Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories

"I've been working with GCR for over a year now and it was the best choice that I ever made. Not only am I healing from my trauma, but my family members also started getting counseling from GCR and are healing from their struggles.

Id describe my personality as extroverted, well rounded, and prepared. My character is rooted in my faith, and others would describe me as detailed, kind, and thoughtful. I plan to be an art therapist in the future to help other people who have gone through similar trials as me. I also hope to be an advocate for chronic illness and mental health. Most of my goals are people-oriented.

When I wear the Defender Ring, a wave of anxiety is lifted from me. When I look behind my back, it's not a fear anymore. I feel very prepared even just by wearing it. I wear it everywhere and its super comfortable. It's already done me well and puts my mind at ease, which helps me daily."