Lifetime Protection Warranty

Defender Ring products arm you for life.

If your Defender Ring product gets chipped, bent, stained, damaged in any way, or even lost, in a dangerous situation, we will replace it for free.

We guarantee to arm our customers for life with free product replacement if it falls under our warranty.

Defender Ring Lifetime Protection Warranty Coverage

Our lifetime protection warranty covers any damage your product incurs as a result of a dangerous situation.

Damage includes:

  • Chipped products
  • Bent products
  • Stained products
  • Broken products
  • Products damaged in any way that affect the ring aesthetics or functionality
  • Any lost products - Even if you lose your ring top while arming your self defense ring in a dangerous situation, we will replace it for free.

Dangerous situations include:

  • Any type of violent crime
  • Any type of attack
  • Any type of harassment
  • Any type of threat - If someone verbally threatens you and you feel endangered enough to arm your self defense ring, if you accidentally damage your product, we will replace it for free.

Real Customer Stories Who Have Received Replacement Under Our Lifetime Warranty

  • "On New Years Day my girlfriend was accosted by a drunk individual and an altercation ensued where she had to unscrew the rose top off her defender ring to perhaps punch her assailant. Samaritans intervened and situation deescalated but the top to my girlfriend's defender ring was gone in the ruckus due to the physical confrontation."
  • "I got into trouble when I was back home in China during the summer, and I kinda got into a street fight, all I did was a little punch on one of the guys arm and mf just draw back right off. And that was basically the end of it... the first one broke that saved me."
  • "So I was out walking my dog late at night over the weekend and I felt someone following me.. I armed my defender ring x and started to walk faster, and then just ended up running home because I was so scared. The next day I checked my ring and the ring band was chipped.. I think maybe in my haste I may have banged it against my apartment building's door? I'm hoping this falls under your lifetime warranty."

What does Defender Ring's Lifetime Protection Warranty not cover?

Our Lifetime Protection Warranty does not cover any damage or lost products that result from negligence, accidents, use/misuse, or general wear and tear. Examples include:

  • You are practicing punching with your Defender Ring and accidentally chip your ring. Your product is not covered under our guarantee.
  • You are showing your friends your new Defender Ring, and accidentally drop the ring top in a sewer drain. Your product is not covered under our guarantee.
  • You're at work stocking products and you accidentally bang your Defender Ring against the shelving unit causing the ring top to break. Your product is not covered under our guarantee.

Lifetime Protection Warranty Coverage

There are two (2) steps to requesting a lifetime protection warranty product replacement.

1. Fill Out Our Lifetime Protection Warranty Form.

All customers requesting product replacement under our lifetime protection warranty must fill out our form located here: Lifetime Protection Warranty Form.

2. Email

If you would like product replacement under our Lifetime Protection Warranty, please email us with the following:

  1. Your name and order number.
  2. A brief account of how your product was damaged.

Lifetime Protection Warranty Product Replacement

If your product replacement is covered under our Lifetime Protection Warranty, we will send you a new replacement product at no charge and you will only be responsible for shipping costs as follows:

  • Domestic Customers: $5 Flat Rate Replacement Product Shipping
  • International Customers: $14 Flat Rate Replacement Product Shipping

If you have any questions about our Lifetime Protection Warranty, please email us at!