About Us

About Defender Ring™

Defender Ring™ (Patented and Trademarked) is a self-defense ring founded and developed by Ryan Lee.  The idea was first composed following the highly publicized murders of women in New York City and Boston, where young female joggers were found murdered and sexually assaulted.

Mission Statement

To help women feel safer through practical, functional self-defense jewelry that can be worn everyday

Why is Defender Ring™ Better?

Defender Ring™ is a unique product that can benefit women in three main ways:

1) It's the most practical self-defense product on the market.  There are no other products that you can carry or wear everyday for another purpose other than self-defense.

2) It's the most accessible self-defense product on the market.  Have you ever adjusted a ring on your finger?  That's how easy and fast it is to equip yourself with a sharp defensive blade weapon.

3) It's very effective for cutting or stabbing an attacker.  The blade weapon can pierce blood vessels and draw blood, and strike nerve endings and cause pain.

Contact Us

We love connecting with our customers to hear feedback about our product design and functionality, and opening dialogues about progressive topics.  Please feel free to reach out to us via email.

Defender Ring™
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