About Us

Defender Ring™ (Patent Pending) is a self-defense ring founded and developed by Ryan Lee.  Ryan grew up in New York City, went to school in Boston, and came back to New York City to live and work full-time.  He developed the idea for Defender Ring™ following the highly publicized brutal murders of women in New York City and Boston, where young female joggers were found murdered and possibly sexually assaulted in both cities.  Ryan grew up in a family of all women, and committed himself to finding a solution to this widespread epidemic of violent attacks against women.

Mission Statement

Defender Ring™ is dedicated to arm and empower women against violent attacks through practical, wearable self-defense products.

Why is Defender Ring™ Better?

There are plenty of self-defense products on the market today.  So why do these violent attacks still occur?  Why do women still feel vulnerable in everyday situations?  The answer is complicated and comes down to the practicality of current self-defense weapons on the market today.  Life nowadays is fast-paced and people are always on the go.  No woman wants to carry a can of pepper spray in her small bag every single day of her life, just to prepare for a violent attack.  And what good is the pepper spray if it's in her bag when she's suddenly approached by an aggressive man?  The idea behind our product, Defender Ring™, is that it's both a self-defense blade, and an ornamental ring.  Women can wear Defender Ring™ as a stylish accessory, and also be readily equipped to use the self-defense blade if an aggressor were to suddenly approach her.

Contact Us

We love connecting with our customers to hear feedback about our product design and functionality, and opening dialogues about progressive topics.  Please feel free to reach out to us via email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Defender Ring™
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