What is a Self Defense Ring? An Introduction to Self Defense Rings

What is a Self Defense Ring? An Introduction to Self Defense Rings

What is a Self Defense Ring?

A self defense ring is a ring you wear on your finger that can be used to fight off an assailant.

Specifically, a self defense ring is a circular ring worn around your finger equipped with a point or weapon, normally designed as an ornamental piece of jewelry made of metal, that can be used to fight off or deter an assailant.

Self defense jewelry offers the rare combo of practicality and protection, and more people are turning to protective rings for an added level of everyday safety.

What is the Purpose of a Self Defense Ring?

The purpose of a self defense ring is to provide safety and an added level of protection for the wearer.

A self defense ring can help protect the wearer in many ways. One, many self defense rings are designed as weapons with points or other defensive functionalities so that the wearer can use it to help them physically fight off an attacker.

Powerful Defense Ring Weapon with Ruby Red Top and Sharp Blade

Two, displaying a formidable self defense weapon that looks like it can do some damage will discourage and deter many assailants from continuing or starting an attack in the first place. Criminals seek easy targets and if you represent yourself as a difficult target, there’s a good chance they will look for another target!

Three, a self defense ring can give the wearer greater peace of mind and instill more confidence in them. This increased confidence and optimism can sometimes be enough to deter a predator from attacking you in the first place since you will seem like less of an easy target!

What do Self Defense Rings Look Like?

Self defense rings come in many different colors, materials, and functionalities.

The most prevalent colors, materials, and functionalities are the most popular ones. Common colors include yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and black, but also have expanded to blue, green, red, yellow, purple, and iridescent.

Self defense rings generally come in metal materials such as stainless steel, copper, and rhodium. Stainless steel is the most optimal material choice for a self defense ring because of its strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and hypoallergenic properties.

Gold Self Defense Rings

Self defense rings that are made out of silver or gold are seemingly a good choice, but silver and gold are very soft precious metals that might not be the best option for a weapon. Pure gold or silver is too soft for a weapon and it could affect the functionality, strength, and durability of your protective jewelry.

Most self defense rings have the same functionality; to help the wearer physically fight off an attacker in self defense. Defensive rings do this via a point, spike, blade, or other sharp weapon. Some rings are open carry and display their weapon unsheathed all the time, while others are concealed carry and have a top or covering to hide the weapon and make the ring more discreet.

Who Can Wear a Self Defense Ring?

Self defense rings can be worn by anyone. Women, men, transgender, non-binary, and anyone else who wants to feel safer can wear a self defense ring.

How to Wear Your Self Defense Ring

Learning how to wear your self defense ring is one of the most important parts of buying a self defense ring and we will help you get down to the nuts and bolts of it.

Self Defense Ring Hand

Self defense rings can be worn on any hand, whether your dominant or non-dominant hand. Both hand placements can make sense and it comes down to your comfort and personal preference.

Many people will elect to wear their self defense ring on their dominant hand since it feels more comfortable handling a weapon with your primary hand. Undoubtedly you will be able to strengthen your dominant hand more and it will be a more powerful defensive weapon. 

However, this leaves you non-dominant hand, which was already weaker, still weak and possibly helpless in a dangerous situation.

Self Defense Ring on Non-Dominant Hand

Some people on the other hand (no pun intended), prefer to wear their self defense ring on their non-dominant hand to strengthen it and make it more formidable in a dangerous situation. Therefore if they were attacked, both hands would be more balanced weapons and could be used to fight off an attacker.

A great solution is to wear self defense rings on both hands so that you are reinforced and balanced on both sides.

Self Defense Ring Finger

If you are wearing your self defense ring for protection, it should be worn on your index or middle finger. If you are wearing your self defense ring for style, it can be worn on any finger.

The reason a self defense ring should be worn on your index or middle finger is because when you punch someone in self defense, the main surfaces that strike the perpetrator should be the flat edges of your index and middle fingers. Leading with the flat surfaces and knuckles of your index and middle fingers is proper punching form which increases your power and decreases the chance of injury.

Self Defense Ring Fit

Self defense rings should be worn snug around the finger. You don’t want a sharp ring blade dangling around the base of your finger or being knocked out of position in a struggle.

Here's a link to our ring sizing guide so you can measure your finger and find the perfect ring size for your self defense ring: Ring Sizing Guide

How snug should it fit? Snug enough so that when you make a fist, the ring cannot be moved.

Some self defense rings like open point rings have stabilizing side supports to reduce the likelihood of the ring rotating while on your finger.

Self Defense Ring with Stabilizing Side Supports

Self Defense Rings Moving Forward

Self defense rings and other protective jewelry like necklaces and bracelets are one of the fastest growing trends in personal safety.

Nowadays we want practicality. Self defense tools that were heavy and bulky are slowly becoming obsolete. We want products that we can integrate into our daily lives and self defense rings fit the bill.

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