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Defender Ring is a modern self defense ring designed as everyday jewelry. Wear your self defense ring to work, jogging in the park, or going out with friends. In a dangerous situation, unscrew the ring top to turn your jewelry ring into a sharp self defense knife capable of collecting DNA and impairing an attacker. Live your life safe and smart with Defender Ring.

Defender Ring Free Expedited Shipping Defender Ring Free 30-Day Returns Defender Ring 1 Year Warranty

Defender Ring is a modern self defense ring designed as everyday jewelry. Wear your self defense ring to work, jogging in the park, or going out with friends. In a dangerous situation, unscrew the ring top to turn your jewelry ring into a sharp self defense knife capable of collecting DNA and impairing an attacker. Live your life safe and smart with Defender Ring.


Think this is just a lovely piece of jewelry? Guess again. Normally, the Defender Ring looks as if it’s topped with a rose design. But if danger appears, you just have to remove the rose to reveal a small spike sharp enough to puncture.

David, Huffington Post

I found the Defender Ring to be a unique self-defense option for myself and would recommend it to other women. What I found likable about this self-defense product was that I could wear it 24/7 and it merely looks like a stylish piece of jewelry.

Sophie, Fitness Junkie

I poked my husband just gently with this, and he got a little mad at me for how bad it actually hurt him. It is that sharp! Defender ring can pierce skin, draw blood, and even collect DNA for police if you need to show it to them.

Amanda, Little Helpers

Since your self-defense tool needs to be in your hand at the time of an attack then why not consider a ring. It will always be in your hand and ready to strike. With a couple of quick twists, the crown of the ring is removed and then exposes a very sharp point.

Chad, Simple Self-Defense Blog

Unlike many other self defense rings we have tested, this one looks quite attractive and can be worn as a regular piece of jewelry. When you unscrew the rose ring top, you can use the sharp head to draw blood and collect DNA evidence.


Do I recommend the Defender Ring? Yes! It makes me more confident to work those nights shifts, or to go places on my own. This ring would be best with an accompanying self-defense class if you are not familiar with self-defense techniques.

Caitlin, HM Housewife

I was very impressed that it didn’t become unscrewed with daily wearing or while in and out of my pocket all day.  I was a little worried about that since I have granddaughters always playing with my jewelry or touching my hands.

Nancy, Things That Make People Go Aww

During an assault, the Defender Ring's deeper purpose is to go deeper.

Deeper enough to tear through human skin, slash at nerves and blood vessels, and maybe even cut to muscle and bone.

Dude I Want That

I don't know about you but I see so many stories out there of women literally being attacked. Not to mention being a sexual assault survivor myself. Did you know that there is a ring you can buy to use as a defense weapon?

Brenda, The Small Things


How big is the knife?

The knife is 5 mm in length by 2 mm in diameter. It's a quadruple-faced blade with thin grinded edges and a pointed tip.

How will the knife protect me if I'm attacked?

Defender Ring's knife is mounted to your fist, giving you the ability to cut skin, draw blood, and collect DNA with your punches and strikes in self defense.

How deep can Defender Ring cut into skin?

Click here to view how deep Defender Ring can cut into an attacker's skin.

The outer layer of skin on humans known as the Epidermis is on average 1 mm deep and 20% of the blade length. The layer beneath it known as the Dermis contains both the blood vessels and nerve endings, and is on average 2-3 mm deep, which is 60-80% of the blade length.

What is Defender Ring made of?

Defender Ring band and knife are made from 316L stainless steel. Known for its strength, durability and resilience, stainless steel is a beautiful and desirable metal for jewelry. It has a silver/grey industrial look, is very resistant to corrosion, and is hypoallergenic.

Defender Ring tops are made from different metals depending on the design. Our original design, Rose is made from 925 sterling silver and coated in rhodium to protect its finish and give it more shine.

Sphere Collection ring tops including Sandblast, Sphere, and Stripe are made from 316L stainless steel.

Coming Soon: Rose Gold and Yellow Gold plated rings.

How does Defender Ring function as a self-defense weapon?

Wear Defender Ring as an ordinary jewelry ring on your hand. Simply unscrew the ring top from the ring band in a counter-clockwise direction to unsheathe the self-defense knife.

Is Defender Ring legal to own and wear?

Knife laws vary from country to country, and from state to state in the United States. Defender Ring was created primarily as a piece of jewelry, and secondly as a self-defense weapon. Knife laws can be vague and rely on interpreting language and intent. Please consult with an attorney regarding the use of and purchase of our product. Defender Ring™ does not make any claims to the legality of this product. However, this product is intended to be used primarily as a piece of ornamental jewelry.

Can women, trans, non-binary, and men wear Defender Ring?

Of course! Women, trans, non-binary, and men can purchase, wear, and use Defender Ring. We developed Defender Ring as a self-defense product for anyone who thinks it will help in a self-defense situation. Our wide range of ring sizing options allows for anyone to purchase and wear the ring comfortably.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Defender Ring ships to all international countries. We've shipped rings to customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia!

Does Defender Ring require any maintenance?

Defender Ring requires minimal maintenance. As both a piece of jewelry and a functional self-defense weapon, Defender Ring must be intermittently cleaned and cared for to maintain its appearance.

Why is Defender Ring better than a pocket knife?

All self-defense products have different advantages and disadvantages. We believe that carrying a bulky pocket knife in your bag is inconvenient and impractical, as well as threatening and possibly illegal. That's why we developed Defender Ring, so women can wear it regularly as an ordinary jewelry ring that doesn't need to be carried in your bag.

Click Here to read a longer post comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Pocket Knives vs. Defender Ring.

Why is Defender Ring better than pepper spray or stun guns?

Defender Ring is different from both a stun gun and pepper spray. While all three self-defense weapons are effective and can deter or disable an attacker, only Defender Ring is immediately accessible and can be worn on your hand every day. Stun guns and pepper spray are bulky and must be carried in, and retrieved from your bag in the presence of danger.

Click Here to read a detailed article comparing the pros and cons of Pepper Spray self-defense weapons.

Or Click Here to read our product review of Stun Guns and how they can be an excellent addition to your self-defense weapon arsenal.

Why is Defender Ring better than taking a self-defense or martial arts class?

Self-defense classes are a very special art that requires years of practice, dedication, and skill. It's hard to compare Defender Ring to taking self-defense classes as they are very different. In some respects, you can look at Defender Ring as an effective immediate solution, and self-defense classes as a long term solution. The best option would be to combine the two together, as self-defense classes utilize many finger, hand, fist, and arm motions, that when combined with Defender Ring can be extremely effective.

Click Here to read our in-depth review on self-defense classes pros and cons.

How are the different ring top designs interchangeable?

All Defender Ring tops have a "nut thread" which allows them to connect to Defender Ring band's "bolt thread".

All Defender Ring tops can be interchanged with one another and fit on all Defender Ring bands.

If you have any questions, please email us at hello@defenderring.com

Is Defender Ring a real ring?

Of course! Our team developed Defender Ring to be primarily an everyday jewelry ring that women can wear regularly. One of our team's main focuses was creating beautiful, minimal jewelry rings.