Beautiful Powerful<br>Self Defense Jewelry

Beautiful Powerful
Self Defense Jewelry

Defender Ring™ is a self defense ring that combines beauty and protection into a minimal piece of jewelry. Wear it as a regular piece of jewelry while jogging, working, traveling, eating, or any other daily activity. Quickly unscrew the ring top and stab or slice an attacker with the ring's hidden blade weapon to draw blood and hit nerve endings. Feel safer every day with Defender Ring™.




    Our team’s primary focus was to create beautiful jewelry that a person could regularly wear. There are many self-defense rings that don't look nice and won't be worn. Our ring designs are modern, clean, and minimal. We didn’t want to create a cocktail or statement ring. We wanted to develop a simple ring that could be worn every day for its aesthetic appeal.


    We want to arm every person with a self-defense weapon by offering an ever-expanding variety of designs that appeal to every demographic. Each month we'll release a new ring top ranging from simple to more complex. All ring tops are interchangeable with each other and sold individually. Swap one design for another to match your outfit or the occasion.


    Inside the ring encased by the ring top is a sharp hidden blade weapon that can be used for self-defense. The blade weapon is a knifelike 5 mm double-sided curved blade with a pointed tip. The blade weapon is 2 mm in width at the base and has a 1 mm thick spine. The protective weapon is capable of stabbing or slicing an assailant, drawing blood, and inflicting pain.


    Joggers and runners can wear Defender Ring™ while vigorously training for a marathon or leisurely jogging after work. The ring is small, light, and inconspicuous. It seamlessly blends into your exercise outfit, and fits comfortably on your finger so you don't need pockets. Wear the ring as a fashionable accessory, and you'll always have an extra self-defense tool if you need it.


    Defender Ring™ can transform from a chic ring into a sharp self-defense blade weapon in just a few seconds by unscrewing the ring top. Other self-defense products like stun guns and pepper spray take much longer to retrieve and arm, which is valuable time you don’t have in a sudden and unpredictable attack. The ring is located on your hand so it's easily accessible and always ready.


    Most weapons can be knocked out of a victim's hand during a struggle. It's nearly impossible to knock the Defender Ring™ out of a victim's hand since it's mounted on the wearer's finger. Simply make a fist to securely mount the weapon to your hand and prevent it from being knocked off. You've now effectively added a sharp metal blade weapon to your fist that can stab and slice an attacker.

  • Self defense ring for women - rose design
  • Self-defense ring for joggers - 3 Spheres design
  • Stylish self defence ring - plumeria
  • Weapon jewelry rings - pearl self-defense ring

Defender Ring™

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What are the blade weapon measurements?

The blade weapon is 5 mm in length by 2 mm in width at the base, with a spine of 1 mm. It's a double-sided curved blade with thin, sharp edges and a pointed tip.

The blade weapon looks small. How will it deter an attacker?

The Defender Ring™ is capable of piercing skin, striking blood vessels and drawing blood, and hitting nerve endings and causing pain.

Click here to view our Blade Weapon vs. Skin Layers Diagram drawn to scale showing the power of Defender Ring™.

The outer layer of skin on humans known as the Epidermis is on average 1 mm deep and 20% of the blade length. The layer beneath it known as the Dermis contains both the blood vessels and nerve endings, and is on average 2-3 mm deep, which is 60% of the blade length.

What is Defender Ring™ made of?

Defender Ring™ is made from stainless steel. Known for it's strength, durability and resilience, stainless steel is also a beautiful and desirable metal for jewelry. It has a silver/grey industrial look, is very resistant to corrosion, and is hypoallergenic.

Some designs are coated or plated in other materials like silver, gold, or rose gold. We are also exploring adding other design elements such as diamonds, stones, pearls and gems to future ring tops.

How does it work? How do I unsheathe the self-defense blade?

The ring can be worn like an ordinary piece of jewelry on a woman's finger. Simply unscrew the ring top from the ring band in a counter-clockwise direction to unsheathe the self-defense blade.

Is Defender Ring™ legal to own and wear?

Knife laws vary from country to country, and from state to state in the United States. Defender Ring™ was created primarily as a piece of jewelry, and secondly as a self-defense weapon. Knife laws can be vague and rely on interpreting language and intent. Please consult with an attorney regarding the use of and purchase of our product. Defender Ring™ does not make any claims to the legality of this product. However, this product is intended to be used primarily as a piece of fashionable jewelry. You may refer to these resources and websites for additional information: TSA Prohibited Travel Items and Knife Laws in the United States

Can women, trans, non-binary, and men wear Defender Ring™?

Yes, women, trans, non-binary, and men can purchase, wear, and use the Defender Ring™. The Defender Ring™ has been developed as a self-defense product for anyone who thinks it will help in a self-defense situation. Our wide range of ring sizing options allows for anyone to purchase and wear the ring comfortably.

Does Defender Ring™ require any maintenance?

Defender Ring™ requires minimal maintenance. As both a piece of jewelry and a functional self-defense weapon, the Defender Ring™ must be intermittently cleaned and cared for to maintain its appearance.

Why is Defender Ring™ better than a pocket knife?

All self-defense products have different advantages and disadvantages. We believe that carrying a bulky pocket knife in your bag is inconvenient and impractical, as well as threatening and possibly illegal. That's why we developed the Defender Ring™, so women can wear it regularly just as a piece of jewelry that doesn't need to be carried in your bag.

Click here to read a longer post comparing the advantages and disadvantages of pocket knives vs. Defender Ring™.

Why is Defender Ring™ better than pepper spray or stun guns?

Defender Ring™ is very different from both a stun gun and pepper spray. While all three self-defense weapons are effective and can deter or disable an attacker, only the Defender Ring™ is immediately accessible and can be worn on your finger every day. Stun guns and pepper spray are bulky and must be carried in your bag, and retrieved from your bag in the presence of danger.

We've written a detailed article comparing the pros and cons of pepper spray self-defense weapons.

Or read our product review of Stun Guns and how they can be an excellent addition to your self-defense weapon arsenal.

Why is Defender Ring™ better than taking a self-defense or martial arts class?

Self-defense classes are a very special art that requires years of practice, patience, dedication, and skill. It's hard to compare the Defender Ring™ to taking self-defense classes as they are very different. In some respects, you can look at the Defender Ring™ as an effective quick fix to this problem, and self-defense classes as a long term solution. The best option would be to combine the two together, as self-defense classes utilize many finger, hand, fist, and arm motions, that when combined with the Defender Ring™ can be extremely effective.

Click here to read our in-depth review on self-defense classes and their pros and cons.

How do ring designs and tops work?

Every ring top that we sell will fit on every ring band that we sell. They are all interchangeable. Our original line of ring top designs consists of four (4) specially crafted designs. Our design team is constantly developing new ideas and will release new designs and ring tops every month!

Does your product have real ring features?

We currently offer four (4) ring designs in our collection and they include normal ring aspects like a setting, casting, mounting, shoulder, prongs, gallery, and band that are modeled into our designs.

Is Defender Ring™ a real ring?

Our design team developed Defender Ring™ to be an everyday piece of jewelry that women can wear regularly. Our designs are hand-crafted and our product comes in the most common ring sizes for women.

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