Modern Self-Defense Rings

Blending Fashion with Function

Blending Fashion with Function

Defender Ring™ is a modern self-defense ring for women developed as a ring with a concealed blade. Don't be fooled by its stylish ring top design; this self-defense weapon is cleverly disguised as a beautiful ring that can be worn as a regular piece of jewelry. In the presence of danger, the ring top can be unscrewed and removed in seconds to unsheathe a sharp self-defense blade.




    The Defender Ring™ self-defense weapon is equipped with a concealed 10 mm double-sided curved blade with pointed tip, capable of inflicting serious injury to an attacker.


    Aesthetic appeal sets the Defender Ring™ apart from traditional self-defense products for women. Chic ring designs make protecting yourself as easy as wearing jewelry.


    If you're in danger, simply twist the ring top in a counter-clockwise direction to quickly unsheathe the sharp protective blade in just seconds.


    You no longer need to search through your bag for your personal defense device; Defender Ring™ is readily accessible on the finger of your hand and ready to protect.


    The Defender Ring™ self-defense jewelry is small, light, and can be comfortably worn everyday while performing your normal, daily activities.


    Most personal safety devices can be knocked out of a victim's hand. Simply make a fist while wearing the Defender Ring™ to securely mount the weapon to your hand and prevent it from being knocked off.

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Defender Ring™


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How big and sharp is the blade?

The blade is 10 mm in length by 5 mm in width at the base, with a spine of 2 mm. It's a double-sided curved blade with razor-sharp beveled edges and a pointed tip. Click here to read our in-depth article about the top defensive blade properties.

What is the Defender Ring™ made of?

The Defender Ring™ is made of stainless steel.

How does it work? How do I unsheathe the self-defense blade?

The user can simply wear the Defender Ring™ like any other ring piece of jewelry on her finger. In the presence of danger, the user can remove the ring top by unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction using her other hand in order to unsheathe the self-defense blade.

The blade looks small. How will it deter or disable an attacker?

The blade is extremely sharp and measures 10 mm in length by 5 mm in width at the base. For comparison, the outer most layer of skin on humans known as the Epidermis is on average 1 mm thick and 10% of the length of the blade. The layer beneath it known as the Dermis contains both the blood vessels and nerves, and is on average 2 mm thick, which is 20% of the length of the blade. In a self-defense situation, the victim could strike the attacker wearing the Defender Ring™, draw blood, hit nerves, and still only have used 30% of the blade. Furthermore, if the user struck the attacker with the entire 10 mm length of blade, the blade can potentially hit the muscles and bones of the body.

Is the Defender Ring™ legal to own and wear?

Please consult with an attorney regarding the legality of purchasing this product. Self-defense weapon laws vary from state to state and Defender Ring™ does not make any claims to the legality of this product. However, this product is intended to be used primarily as an ornamental ring piece of jewelry. You may refer to these resources and websites for additional information: TSA Prohibited Travel Items and Knife Laws in the United States

Can both women and men wear the Defender Ring™?

Yes, of course both men and women can purchase, wear, and use the Defender Ring™. The Defender Ring™ has been developed as a self-defense product for women, but our wide range of ring sizing options allows for both women and men to purchase and wear the ring comfortably.

Does the Defender Ring™ require any maintenance?

The Defender Ring™ requires minimal maintenance. As both a piece of jewelry and a blade, the Defender Ring™ must be intermittently cleaned and cared for to maintain its appearance.

Why is the Defender Ring™ better than a pocket knife?

All self-defense products have different advantages and disadvantages. We believe that carrying a bulky pocket knife in your bag is inconvenient and impractical, as well as threatening and possibly illegal. That's why we developed the Defender Ring™, so women can wear it regularly just as a piece of jewelry that doesn't need to be carried in your bag. Click here to read a longer post comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the Defender Ring™ vs. pocket knives.

Why is the Defender Ring™ better than pepper spray or stun guns?

The Defender Ring™ is very different from both a stun gun and pepper spray. While all three self-defense weapons are effective and can deter or disable an attacker, only the Defender Ring™ is immediately accessible and can be worn on your finger every day. Stun guns and pepper spray are bulky and must be carried in your bag, and retrieved from your bag in the presence of danger. We've written a detailed article comparing the Defender Ring™ vs. pepper spray self-defense weapons and stun guns here.

Why is the Defender Ring™ better than taking a self-defense or martial arts class?

Self-defense classes are a very special art that requires years of practice, patience, dedication, and skill. It's hard to compare the Defender Ring™ to taking self-defense classes as they are very different. In some respects, you can look at the Defender Ring™ as an effective quick fix to this problem, and self-defense classes as a long term solution. The best option would be to combine the two together, as self-defense classes utilize many finger, hand, fist, and arm motions, that when combined with the Defender Ring™ can be extremely effective. Please click here to read our detailed article about the Defender Ring™ and Self-Defense Classes.

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