Social Mission

Defender Ring™ is a modern self-defense ring designed as everyday jewelry.

Our social mission is to empower individuals with confidence and greater peace of mind, and to arm them with self-defense weapons to protect themselves.

Defender Ring™ shares its core identity and company values with social causes and empowerment organizations like #MeToo, Unicef, and PETA.


Defender Ring™ values partnerships with organizations, brands, causes, companies, and individuals that share our social mission.

10% Profit Donation

Defender Ring™ will donate 10% of net profits to social causes and empowerment organizations starting June 1st, 2019.

We want customers to know that with every purchase, they're investing in and supporting our social mission throughout the world.

Donating Profits Business Check

Submit Your Organization or Cause

Send us an email at to submit your organization or cause to our company for donation consideration.