Updates! New Designs, Band Upgrades, and Our Most Powerful Ring Yet!

Updates! New Designs, Band Upgrades, and Our Most Powerful Ring Yet!

Hello Friends!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy as summer slowly approaches!

Our team at Defender Ring has been hard at work behind the scenes. We are working on everything from crafting brand new designs, to upgrading our current rings, to innovating an entirely new ring model which will be the largest and most powerful ring ever offered by Defender Ring!

As you begin to travel more and continue where you left off pre-pandemic, we understand that personal safety will always be a priority.

The one thing you can be sure of is that our team is committed to arming you with stylish, practical self defense rings so that you can safely live your life and explore the world!

Serrated Maximalist Rings

Our serrated maximalist rings are the most powerful self defense rings we currently offer. To optimize our ring weapon's functionality, we improved two things: the comfort/fit and the blade spine/backbone.

Serrated Self Defense Rings - 3 Rings - Black with Ruby Top, Rose Rose Gold, and White Pearl

Curved Edges Ring Band

As the largest rings we offer, we first wanted to improve their comfort and fit. We accomplished this by adding curved edges to the outer faces of the ring band. Adding curved edges allows the ring band to rest and rub against your skin without the traditional sharp edges. It also allows for a more comfortable feel when you make a fist for self defense.

Serrated Self Defense Ring with Curved Edges

Larger Serrated Blade Spine

The second optimization was for the serrated blade. We increased the depth of the blade spine to give it more girth, and hence more durability and stability. With a larger and stronger backbone, the serrated blade has the teeth to cut zip ties and the power to fight off an attacker.

Serrated Self Defense Ring Larger Spine and Backbone


New Serrated Ring Top Designs

Our designers at Defender Ring follow two main criteria when creating new ring top designs: one, they must be as minimal as possible to encompass the blade. And two, they must be aesthetic or crafted with a purposeful design.


Our first new maximalist design is Tulip, which is a beautiful ring top featuring a closed tulip flower. Tulip’s shape is as minimal as possible, with the closed flower closely mimicking the shape of the serrated blade to reduce any unnecessary bulk or weight. Tulip comes in steel, 14k gold, and rose gold.

Serrated Self Defense Ring Jewelry with Tulip Top in Rose Gold



Our second new maximalist design is Dodecahedron, which is a modern ring top featuring an abstract dodecahedron shape with 12 faces. Dodecahedron is also designed minimally with a slim body and low profile to reduce unnecessary space. Dodecahedron is available in steel, 14k gold plated, and rose gold plated.

Serrated Self Defense Ring Featuring an Abstract Dodecahedron Top in Silver Steel

New Open Point Ring Designs

We are excited to announce new designs for our Open Point Ring collection!

Our Open Point Rings are our newest collection featuring thin, lightweight stackers that can be worn as everyday essentials or for greater peace of mind!

Open Point Self Defense Rings - Single-Point Solo and Double-Point Duo

Solo and Duo were our first two Open Point Rings featuring a single-point and double-point respectively, and quickly became fan favorites due to their versatility and practicality!

We are happy to announce two new Open Point Rings that will be released very soon: Trio and Crest.


Trio is a triple-point self defense ring crafted with a triad of beveled tips that are soft to the touch and fierce on a fist. Trio will be available in 14k gold, rose gold, black, and stainless steel (no plating).

Triple-Point Self Defense Ring Trio in Rose Gold


Crest is a curved-point self defense ring crafted with a beveled hooked tip that is soft to the touch and fierce on a fist. Crest will be available in 14k gold, rose gold, black, and stainless steel (no plating).

Curved Tip Self Defense Ring Crest in Silver Stainless Steel

More Coming Soon...

And last but not least, our team is working on a new wide band ring design that would be our most powerful ring yet!

Stay safe and protected with Defender Ring today! Use this limited time coupon for 10% off your entire order: "PERSONALSAFETY10".

Here’s a sneak peak at the initial concept for our our new wide ring band:

Wide Self Defense Ring with Crossed X Blade

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    When will your dodecahedron ring be available? I don’t see the ability to add it to my cart?


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