The Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

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If you aren’t a strong or big woman, how can you defend yourself against a bigger or stronger male attacker?

Since caveman days, we’ve invented tools that someone of less strength and size can use to hunt larger animals for food.

Today, we continue to create tools and weapons that women can use to defend themselves against a bigger or stronger assailant.

If you’ve ever been attacked, preyed upon, or in a dangerous situation, you know how important it is to be armed with something - anything to give you a greater chance to fight off an attacker and survive.

What constitutes a good self defense weapon for women?

There are many factors including effectiveness, price, practicality, and personal preference.

Without further ado, let's look at the best self defense weapons for women.

1. Personal Keychain Alarm

Personal keychain alarms are inexpensive, practical, and can be seamlessly attached to your keys in your bag or purse. Alarm keychains are small and lightweight, and can be purchased online for around $10-15 dollars.

Purple Keychain Alarm

Personal alarm keychains emit a loud, high-pitched sound that can be heard from people in the surrounding area. The advantage of an alarm keychain is that you're creating a noisy, attention-seeking situation, and perpetrators don’t like to attract attention while committing crimes. Therefore you’re creating an uncomfortable situation for the predator, and this could deter him from starting or continuing an attack.

Secondly, it will alert bystanders to your situation and they can call the police or personally try to intervene. Overall, keychain alarms are an inexpensive and practical way to increase your self defense capability.

2. Defender Ring

Defender Ring is a self defense ring with a concealed sharp blade designed as everyday jewelry. The minimalist ring is small, lightweight, and equipped with a sharp blade weapon that can cut an attacker's skin, draw blood, and collect their DNA.

Black Self Defense Blade Ring

The advantage of Defender Ring is its practicality and convenience. You’ll be wearing your self defense weapon on your hand and will never have to sacrifice bag-space or pocket space to carry it around. The ring is conveniently situated on your hand, and immediately accessible in a sudden dangerous attack. Defender Ring is mounted to your fist and will supplement your instinctive punches and strikes with the ability to cut skin, draw blood, and collect an attacker's DNA.

Overall, Defender Ring is a practical and modern solution for women to protect themselves without having to carry a bulky weapon in her bag, purse, or pocket.

3. Cat Ears Keychain

Cat Ears Keychains are a simple, cheap way to add some protection to your everyday life. Cat Ears Defense Keychains are exactly as they’re described - a keychain designed in the shape of cat ears which are the pointed weapons on this protective tool.

5 Cat Keychains with Pointy Ears for Self Defense

The advantage of Cat Ears Keychains is their cost and practicality. In a dangerous situation, you can retrieve the Cat Ears from your bag, grip the keychain with the ears pointing outward, and use the device in a punching manner which will add pointed spikes to your fist.  You can purchase Cat Ears Keychains at online retailers such as Amazon or Ebay. 

4. Kubaton

Kubatons are self defense tools shaped like a small stick that you hold in your hand, similar to a pen or pencil. A Kubaton can have pointed ends, small spikes sticking out of the stick, and other defensive features. Kubatons are normally designed as keychains so they will be attached to your set of keys and accessible in a sudden dangerous situation. Kubatons are cost-effective and can be a useful, convenient self defense weapon.

Blue Kubaton Keychain for Personal Protection

Holding and using a Kubaton for defensive purposes may take some practice since it's not a normal motion. There are various ways one can use a Kubaton to fight off an attacker, such as holding it like a knife in your hand, holding it with your thumb on the end, or holding it between your fingers. Overall, Kubatons can be a great addition to any self defense arsenal and won't break the bank.

5. Flashlight

Flashlights are an everyday self defense tool that can be useful for deterring an attacker. Invented in 1899, a flashlight is a portable hand-held device that emits light via a bulb and electricity.

Self Defence Flashlight Keychain

There are two benefits to using a flashlight for protection. One, you can shine the light directly into the attacker’s eyes and temporarily blind him to give yourself time to run away. Two, you can use the flashing light to distract the attacker or attract attention from other bystanders, which will scare the attacker off. Similar to alarm keychains, predators don't like to attract attention, and bright flashing lights can create unwanted attention for them. Flashlights can be compact, lightweight, and inexpensive. They are also multi-functional and can be great tools for purposes other than protection.

6. Defender Ring X

Defender Ring X is a powerful ring weapon that has the capacity to rip human skin, draw blood, inflict significant damage, and collect the DNA of a predator. Defender Ring X is a self defense ring with a concealed large blade weapon that can be used by any female who knows how to punch.

Ring Blade Weapon for Self Defense

Defender Ring X has many advantages. Defender Ring X can be worn as jewelry and the wearer will always have a powerful weapon immediately accessible and ready to fight off a predator. Simply unscrew Defender Ring X’s ring top to unsheathe the blade weapon in under 3 seconds. The ring is also hand-mounted so it will be impossible for a predator to knock it out of your hand and use it against you. Overall, Defender Ring X is an effective modern self defense weapon for women that is practical for everyday wear.

7. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most well-known self defense products for women. It allows the user to spray a hot, blinding liquid into a perpetrator’s eyes to temporarily incapacitate him so that she can flee or call for help. Pepper spray liquid is made from capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from chilies. When contacted with human membranes such as the eyes, pepper spray causes pain and temporary blindness.

Black and Red Pepper Spray Cannister for Self Protection

Pepper spray normally comes in a canister and can be somewhat bulky for women who want something small and practical. The advantage of pepper spray is its effectiveness. The weapon can be used from a distance so you don’t need to be standing close to the attacker to defend yourself. Likewise, the liquid is very potent and has a high success rate of disabling an attacker. If you have a car or a large bag and don’t mind carrying a canister, pepper spray should be one of your top self defense weapons.

8. Stun Gun

Stun guns have become an important less-lethal tool that cops and law enforcement use to subdue a perpetrator without using deadly force. Stun guns work by sending electric voltage into a perpetrator which temporarily immobilizes him by rendering his muscles and body inoperable.

Black and Yellow Stun Gun for Disabling Attackers

Similar to pepper spray, stun guns can be bulky which is why some women find them to be impractical. However, one can’t argue with the effectiveness of a stun gun and its ability to incapacitate a much larger opponent. Law enforcement around the country wouldn’t use stun guns if it wasn’t one of the best less-lethal options out there to incapacitate an aggressor. If you regularly drive a car or have a large bag and don’t mind carrying a stun gun, we would recommend purchasing and arming yourself with a stun gun.

9. Knife

Knives have been around since the prehistoric times and are one of the first tools ever created. Knives are cheap, effective, easy to use, and are great self defense weapons for women. They come in all shapes and sizes whether you want a small edge for everyday carry, or a larger hunting knife for complete protection. You can easily purchase a knife in person at a store or online for under $10 dollars. While any weapon should be used with proper technique and practice, women will instinctively know how to defend themselves with a knife if presented with danger.

Silver Sharp Folding Pocket Knife

The one negative with knives is that they’re not the most practical choice. Walking around with a pocket knife in your bag or purse can be seen as threatening and unnecessary for everyday purposes. However it’s hard to beat the cost and effectiveness of one of the first weapons ever created for the human race.

10. Gun

While gun ownership is a controversial topic, we can’t ignore the self defense capabilities of firearms. If used lawfully and properly, guns are one of the best self defense weapons for women. They can be used accurately and effectively from a distance and can effectively put down an evil predator regardless of his size or strength. At distance, guns completely balance any dangerous situation by putting the victim on equal grounds to her perpetrator with the ability to disable him.

Beretta Gun Firearm for Self-Defense

Guns have some negatives. Guns are more expensive comprising the actual firearm, ammo, licenses, training, practice, and accessories. Guns are also lethal weapons that can end someone’s life. If misused, you can go to jail. Also, guns may not be very practical for women who live in big cities.

Overall, guns are a top self defense weapon for home defense and for women who are able to carry them regularly.


We live in a dangerous world. No matter who you are or where you live, you can be the victim of a crime.

Preparing yourself for a dangerous situation is not living in fear; it's being smart and always being ready for the unexpected.

Another way women can defend themselves is to enroll in a self defense class. Self defense classes help women build up physical strength, fighting skills, and self confidence to fight off an attacker with their arms, legs, body, and mind. We've written an in-depth guide to the best self defense classes for women here: Top 10 Best Self Defense Classes for Women

Overall, it's easy and inexpensive to arm yourself nowadays. Spending $50 on a self defense weapon that will give you personal safety and peace of mind is priceless in this unpredictable world.


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    I am a rape survivor!! I found your article EXCELLENT! It was very informative and easy to read.

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    Wow I never knew any of this, we live in a high crime area. Thank you very much for the info. I will consult with my wife as she is pregnant at the moment. Any useful gadgets for pregnant women???

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