Top 10 Pillars of Self Defense | Important Everyday Self Defence Tips

Top 10 Pillars of Self Defense | Important Everyday Self Defence Tips
Our team at Defender Ring brainstormed and put together a list of the top 10 most important pillars of self defense. These lessons provide a strong foundation for staying safe and avoiding dangerous situations as much as possible. We have seen how dangerous this world is and internalizing these pillars will help prepare you to survive a dangerous situation.

1. Practice Situational Awareness All The Time

Always be aware of your environment and understand when something is suspicious. Situational awareness is being observant of your environment, and understanding their meaning.

Here is our guide to practicing situational awareness:

2. Never Be Put Into A Car

The cardinal sin of being abducted is being put into a predator's car. Once you are put into a car, your chances of survival decrease dramatically.

Old Cars in Dimly Lit Parking Lot

Watch out for:

  • Slow moving cars
  • Suspicious cars on streets or in parking lots (car is on but idling, car is on but headlights off at night, etc.)
  • Suspicious cars in parking lots parked close to your car
  • Drivers in cars that ask you for directions or to come close to the car

In addition to never being put in a car, never willingly allow yourself to be moved to another location away from the original location you were attacked (for example if you are attacked on a running path and then moved to the wooded area next to the running path). This will also decrease your chances of surviving dramatically. 

3. Aim For The Groin and Eyes

The most vulnerable areas on a male attacker are his groin and eyes. If you're being attacked, the goal is to strike these areas and then flee the scene.

While the groin and eyes are the most vulnerable, we identified 7 other secondary areas that you can aim for while being attacked in our article here:

Man in Green Suit Hunched Over from Groin Kick

4. Produce DNA

Attackers don't like to leave any evidence behind, especially something as potent as DNA. Producing DNA with a weapon like our self defense ring can deter the attacker from continuing with his crime, or it could help authorities identify the perpetrator.

5. Represent a Difficult Target

Predators seek easy targets and weak victims. If a predator believes you're a difficult victim, then there's a good chance they will not target you. Here are a few ways to represent a difficult target:

  • Walk with confidence
  • Maintain good posture
  • Speak clearly and assertively
  • Move with purpose
  • Make strong eye contact when necessary

6. Distance Is The Greatest Defense

Distance keeps you safe. Whether the predator is on the other side of the street, or on the other side of the door, distance is your greatest defense. Always keep distance and barriers between yourself and any suspicious unknown individuals.

We wrote an article about maintaining distance previously that goes into depth on effective tactics and strategies that you can find here:

7. Sunlight and Crowds Are Your Friend

Stay close to crowds and try to be out during the daytime as they are the biggest natural deterrents for predators.

3 Women and 2 Men in a Sunny Park During Daytime

8. Darkness and Desolation Are Your Enemy

Stay away from darkness and desolation as they naturally attract predators.

9. Avoid

Avoid dangerous situations rather than confronting them. Even if you are armed or have an advantage, do not be foolish and try to engage.

10. Run

Do not be afraid to run if you sense danger, even if it makes you look silly. Running away from potential danger can end up saving your life.

Older Woman Running Away from Danger in Park

Bonus: Don't Be Afraid To Offend People

Many women are afraid to offend others or be seen as "bitches". If someone is making you uncomfortable or you are in a precarious situation, voice your opinions and demand what you want without fear of reprisal.

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