9 Vulnerable Areas of a Predator to Target If You're Attacked

9 Vulnerable Areas of a Predator to Target If You're Attacked

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If you want to survive an attack, it’s essential that you prepare for one.

You don’t need to train Krav Maga for 3 years in order to increase your chances of survival.

Simply learning and absorbing material, such as this 7-minute article, will increase your chances of survival.

Our article, 9 Vulnerable Areas of a Predator to Target If You're Attacked, will provide you with the following knowledge:

  • Areas of the human body most vulnerable to damage and impairment
  • How accessible and exposed these areas are
  • How to attack these areas on the human body

The purpose of this article is to arm you with the knowledge and preparation needed in a sudden self defense situation. 

Instead of being helpless and confused on how to fight back, you will instinctively remember where to strike an attacker, what to use, and how to do it.

This article will assume the attacker is larger than you and is broken down into 3 sections: 

  • Top 3 Primary Areas to Target on a Predator
  • Next 3 Secondary Areas to Target on a Predator
  • 3 Last Resort Areas to Target on a Predator

Top 3 Vulnerable Areas of the Human Body to Target if You’re Attacked

Attacks are unpredictable and can end quickly.

A victim will normally be caught off guard and only have seconds to fight back and deter or impair an attacker. Don’t spend those precious seconds thinking about where to strike him, or striking him in the wrong areas.

1. Throat 

The throat is one of the best areas to strike on an assailant.

It's within a smaller person's reach, normally exposed and not protected, and very sensitive to injury and pain.

Throat Vulnerability

The throat is one of the most vulnerable areas of the human body.

It contains blood vessels that supply blood to the brain which deliver fuel and nourishment that keep you alive. It also contains the windpipe or trachea, which delivers oxygen to your lungs and powers your body.

The throat is the vital connection between your brain and your bodily organs, which are the most important body parts to keeping you alive.

Successfully striking a predator’s throat will significantly impair his ability to continue attacking you.

Throat Accessibility

While the throat is normally in plain view and exposed, it’s not particularly accessible for striking and can be difficult to accurately hit. Many other parts of the body can defend the throat like your hands and arms, and also simply tilting your head or shrugging your shoulders can protect it.

How to Strike the Throat of An Attacker

You want to strike the front of the throat as opposed to the sides or back since the most sensitive components are located in the front. Wearing a self defense ring with a spike or point will add power and cutting ability to your strike which can be the difference between a weak hit and a significant strike.

2. Eyes 

Eyes Vulnerability

The eyes are one of the most sensitive, delicate, and vital parts of the body. The eyes are directly connected to the brain and 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. Eyesight is essential for normal functioning and if you can severely impair an attacker’s vision, he will be unable to continue his attack.

Eyes Accessibility

The eyes are always exposed (unless the person wears glasses), accessible, and easy to locate. However the eyes can be hard to reach if your attacker is taller than you, and they can be easily defended with the attacker’s hands and arms.

How to Strike the Eyes of an Attacker

Be careful. Striking someone’s eyes can and will cause permanent damage. Clearly if there is a predator attacking you and your life is in danger, you should do anything necessary to save yourself, including causing permanent eye damage or vision loss to your attacker.

With that being said, there are two primary ways to strike an attacker’s eyes. The first is trying to gouge his eyes with your hand and fingers. The second is wearing Defender Ring and striking him in the eyes. Both methods have the same effect of severely impairing the attacker’s eyes and vision. An advantage of Defender Ring is that you don’t need to strike the attacker’s eyes with the fastest speed or most powerful force as the sharp knife will inflict damage on impact.

3. Groin 

Groin Vulnerability

The groin, or specifically the testicles of a man, are one of the most sensitive, vulnerable, and important parts on a man’s body. As the primary male reproductive organs, the testicles are responsible for allowing a man to produce sperm and have children. Successfully striking the testicles will surely disable an attacker and allow you to flee as he will be writhing on the floor in pain.

Groin Accessibility

Naturally, the groin is protected well by the human body as it’s at the center of his body, concealed between his legs, and within his arms’ reach.

However, it’s also one of the most accessible areas for a female to target since it’s lower to the ground and within her range of motion compared to a man’s eyes or throat.

Additionally, a man may not be able to see and react as quickly to a strike of the groin since it’s not directly in his line of sight.

How to Strike the Groin of an Attacker

While you can strike an attacker’s groin with your fist or hand, the best way to attack the groin is with your feet. Striking an attacker’s groin with your feet will also be faster, more powerful, and more discreet.

You want to kick upward at the testicles as opposed to forward. Think about the difference between kicking a soccer ball straight up in the air versus kicking a door in. You want to kick the groin like you would kick a soccer ball straight up in the air.

3 Secondary Areas to Strike If You’re Attacked

If you’re unable to strike one of the three most vulnerable areas listed above (throat, eyes, groin), aim for the following three secondary areas.

4. Nose 

Nose Vulnerability

The nose is a very important part of the human body that’s responsible for supplying, conditioning, and filtering inhaled air to the rest of the respiratory system and lungs. If the nose is struck, it can result in bruising, nosebleeds, broken bones, and at the very least a dazed attacker.

Nose Accessibility

The nose is an exposed prime target that’s never concealed. It’s at the front and center area of the head and juts out from the face making it an easier target to accurately strike. Even though an attacker has a few ways to defend his nose, it still remains one of the best areas to strike.

How to Strike the Nose of An Attacker

Strike the nose of an attacker with a closed fist position. As with all strikes, you want to aim for a center point and strike through the target. This is because even if you miss your center target, you’ll still be able to catch the target partially.

Wearing Defender Ring while striking an attacker’s nose will increase the force and damage potential of your strike by adding the metal cutting ability.

5. Ears 

Ears Vulnerability

The ears are another delicate area and part of the human face. The ears are obviously responsible for transmitting sounds to the brain through the ear canal. However another important function is providing balance. Striking the ears can result in stunning the attacker, and has the potential to cripple him if struck with enough power and speed to inflict severe damage.

Ears Accessibility

The ears are a relatively accessible area of an attacker. While they can be defended by his hands or arms, they’re located on the sides of his head making it outside of his direct line of sight.

How to Strike the Ears of An Attacker

A closed fist punch straight into and through the ears and head of an attacker is a great way to land a strike. Wearing the hand-mounted knife of Defender Ring will allow your strike to inflict more damage to the predator.

6. Face 

Face Vulnerability

Face” refers to the entire general face area including all parts listed above (eyes, nose, ears) and all other areas of the face including the mouth, cheeks, and skin. The face as a whole is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the body as we perceive and live a lot of our daily lives through it. Clearly any damage to any part of the face can be impairing and can act as a great deterrent to a predator.

Face Accessibility

Humans must have their face exposed to receive and send sensory information to their world. While some attackers may cover their faces for protection or to hide their identity, most will be exposed and this presents a golden opportunity to inflict damage to them and allow you to get away.

How to Strike the Face of an Attacker

Similar to the other areas of the human body, you want to strike the face of an attacker with power and speed and wearing a self defense ring like Defender Ring.

If you strike the face of an attacker bare-fisted, you may not be able to cause much pain, stun him, or deter him from continuing the attack.

If you strike the face of an attacker with Defender Ring’s sharp metal knife attached to your fist, you’ll be able to cut skin, draw blood, collect DNA, inflict pain and most likely help you fight him off.

3 Last Resort Areas to Strike on an Attacker

7. Knees 

If struck with enough force and at a proper angle, damage to the knees can result in permanent incapacitation. The knees obviously are vital to the legs and mobility of a human. They are accessible and at a close distance for a woman to strike her predator successfully. The best way to strike the knees of an attacker is using your feet. Above, we used the example of kicking a door in versus kicking a soccer ball straight up in the air. To strike the knees of a predator, you’ll want to kick the area as if you’re kicking in a door.

8. Feet 

The feet contain several small bones and are also important for the mobility of a human. The feet are also very accessible and vulnerable as they are grounding the attacker. Strike the feet using a heel stomp, ensuring that your aiming for the center middle of his foot. Successfully and accurately stomping on an attacker’s foot should stun him and allow you to flee.

9. Shins 

The shins are the final last resort area to target if you’re being attacked. Shins are very sensitive and if struck properly and forcefully, it can result in the incapacitation of an attacker. They are also very accessible and will be in close proximity to be struck by the victim. The best way to strike an attacker’s shins is via your feet. Use your foot to kick the attacker in his shins and you might be able to to shatter his shins and incapacitate him.

Final Thoughts on Vulnerable Areas of a Predator to Attack

In a high duress situation, you will not have time to think about where to strike an attacker. You’ll have to instinctively know where to strike. Reading and remembering the above target areas will help you to quickly and forcefully fight off an attacker.

Wearing a product like Defender Ring will increase your self defense capabilities. All of your strikes and punches will have the advantage of a sharp knife attached to your fist providing more power and cutting ability.


  • SoMin

    The groin only works in movies, it’s all for show. It may be painful but nobody will roll on the floor for more than 3 seconds

  • Curtis Heltsley

    Another great way to strike the nose of an attackers is to use your open palm. Better chance to land your strike and and feel the glory of conquering your attackers!

  • Akaya Kamada

    Please note that in the case that the predator is female, the groin strike can be fatal if applied with enough force.

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