Best Women's Self Defense Products & Important Features To Look For

Best Women's Self Defense Products & Important Features To Look For

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What are the Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women?

When you think of traditional self-defense weapons, knives and guns probably come to mind.  Only recently have self-defense products evolved to fit our modern lifestyle.  The advent of pepper spray and stun guns were the first wave of progressive personal protection tools. 

Today's new inventions are becoming even more practical and can be seamlessly integrated into a person's daily activities. These new industries are self-defense jewelry and self-defense wearables.

How Can Women Defend Themselves?

Defending oneself has always been a founding principle of the United States.  The Constitution's second amendment declares our right to bear arms.  Women in our society face an especially unfair battle that hits everyone close to home.  We all have loved ones, mothers, daughters, and wives, and we become angry and uneasy whenever we hear that a woman has been attacked by a man.

Crime Attack Car Theft

However, times are slowly changing.  We become smarter every day and we are collectively trying to fight this widespread problem.  Social awareness, education at the micro level, technology, and innovation are starting to pierce these long standing veils. 

Unfortunately at this point, very few products have made a large or lasting impact on this problem. Current products on the market fall short in two key factors: practicality and effectiveness.  Many important issues remain unanswered such as:

I don't want to carry a can of Pepper Spray in my small bag!  Why are all women's self-defense products so bulky?

Self-defense weapons such as Mace or stun guns are somewhat bulky and unnecessary to carry around.

I've seen wearable self-defense products like rings, but they don't look nice and I wouldn't wear them regularly.  Is there a stylish self-defense jewelry that I can wear everyday?

None of the self-defense rings on the market have nice designs that appeal to women.  It seems they were created only as fighting rings for your finger, instead of as both stylish jewelry and a self-defense tool.

I don't know how to use a Stun Gun.  Are there other self-defense products for women that are easy to use?

If you are suddenly and aggressively approached on the street, how long would it take you to find, retrieve and open your stun gun?  Probably too long since an unpredictable attack can occur in just seconds.  Do you know how to use it?  Some protective products are difficult to use, especially in a scary situation while under duress. 

Best Female Self-Defense Product Features

The best female self-defense product must have some or all of the following features:

  1. Practical (can be worn or carried with you everyday)
  2. Easily accessible (can quickly access it in a dangerous situation) and Easy to use (doesn't require too much practice or skills)
  3. Effective (can deter or disable an attacker)

1. Practicality

Practicality trumps everything when it comes to defensive products for women.  Violent attacks are unpredictable.  A construction worker catcall can be the beginning of an uncomfortable encounter.  An early morning jog can turn into a dangerous situation in which you are being followed, and recent murders of female runners have sparked a new concern over this everyday activity.  

Women will not carry OC spray on a jog.  Women don't want to have to carry a pocket knife with them in their purse to work.  The best protective weapon for a woman will be realistic and practical for her to carry everyday.

Dangerous Jog in Park

Size Matters: Small, Light, and Comfortable to Carry or Wear

Nowadays we are always on the move.  We want our everyday items to be as small, light, and ergonomic as possible.  Think about the evolution of the cell phone - it was once a large, heavy brick, and it has evolved into a light, thin, ergonomic device.  People carry cell phones with them everyday and they want something practical.

How Does Self-Defense Jewelry and Defender Ring™ Meet These Criteria?  

  • Self-defense jewelry is light, small and generally comfortable to wear.  The Defender Ring™ is light, weighing around 5 grams, which is approximately less than the weight of two US quarters.
  • It's small, measuring under 1 inch in height, and around 1/2 an inch in diameter.
  • It's comfortable to wear and use, made of smooth, polished stainless steel metal, and comes in 8 different ring sizes to fit your finger.

Dual Purposed Stylish and Fashionable

Self-defense wearables such as rings, jewelry, and clothing are popular choices for self-defense weapons because they can be worn as everyday accessories.  Wearing a protective weapon as jewelry is as practical as it gets!  If designed well, they can be integrated seamlessly into the outfit of a user and be worn primarily for aesthetic purposes.  What better way to carry your self-defense product than in your favorite necklace or shoes?

Accordingly it's important that a self-defense wearable whether it be clothing or jewelry be stylish to wear so that women will be encouraged to wear it regularly.  As mentioned before, violent crime is unpredictable.  What good is a self-defense ring that's ugly and sitting in a jewelry box at home?

How Does the Defender Ring™ Meet These Criteria?  

  • The Defender Ring™ currently offers four (4) different modern ring top designs to match your style and taste, which are the Pearl, Rose, Plumeria, and 3 Spheres.

2. Easily Accessible and Easy to Use

A practical self-defense device should be easily accessible so that the user can access it immediately or very quickly.  While a pocket knife can be located in a user's bag, it doesn't fit the definition of being "easily accessible" but rather only "accessible" or "readily accessible".  The user still has to search her bag for it!

The product should also be easy to use without requiring additional training or how-to guides.  Stun guns require additional training and a product manual on how to turn on the device.

How Do Self-Defense Jewelry and Defender Ring™ Meet These Criteria?  

  • The Defender Ring™ doesn't require any additional training or instruction manuals, as the protective self-defense ring utilizes a blade or knife as its main weapon.  Using a tool to cut, slice or stab is very much a natural motion for humans due to everyday activities such as cooking, or ordinary activities such as handy work around the house.

  • The Defender Ring™ utilizes a simple screwing mechanism to unsheathe the self-defense blade making it extremely easy to open.  The ring is located on the finger of a user, making it easily accessible compared to self-defense gear that must be stored in and retrieved from your bag.  
Self-defense ring weapon easy mechanism


3. Effectiveness: Deterrence, Disabling, and Extracting DNA

A product designed for personal safety and protection is only good if it works at providing protection to the user.  What does a self-defense weapon need to accomplish in order to be effective?  The term effectiveness has different definitions based on the goal of the product.  Some protective products aim to incapacitate the aggressor, while others simply want to deter an attacker.  

Most new innovative products are non-lethal devices that are designed to either discourage an offender or capture him through image or video.  Self-defense phone apps such as the apps in this article are designed to take pictures of the attacker, emit loud sounds, or provide GPS location tracking of the user's phone.  Overall, all self-defense items should accomplish some or all of the following:

Deter or Discourage an Attacker

Deterring or discouraging an attacker is always the best option.  Deterring an attack means to prevent someone from attacking you by instilling fear or doubt of the consequences.  If you can avoid a dangerous situation altogether, then that is better than engaging in a dangerous situation even if you have a great self-defense weapon.

How Does the Defender Ring™ Deter or Discourage an Attacker?  

The Defender Ring™ has the ability to deter or discourage an attacker in two main ways:
  • The attacker may see the sharp blade and be deterred from trying to attack you because you are suddenly not the easiest and weakest target.

  • Consequently, if an attacker does not see your self-defense ring and begins to attack you, you can defend yourself with the Defender Ring™ by cutting or stabbing him, and he may be deterred from bleeding, feeling pain, or realizing that his DNA evidence is at the scene.

Disable or Injure an Attacker

Disabling or injuring an attacker is the primary goal of many self-defense weapons.  Disabling or injuring an attacker means that you have limited the offender in their movements, senses, or abilities, and they are unable to effectively continue their attack.  

Unfortunately, some attackers may not be deterred or discouraged from committing a violent crime even if their victim has a weapon.  In these situations, the individual will have to fight back and defend herself in what may be a life or death situation.  Injuring and disabling an aggressor might be the only option for survival.  

How Can the Defender Ring™ Disable or Injure an Aggressor?  

  • The Defender Ring™ possesses integral properties which make it a formidable self-defense ring capable of inflicting serious injury to an attacker.

  • It comprises a sharp double-sided curved blade with thin edges.  When used with basic motor skills and defensive motions, the user is capable of inflicting severe damage to an attacker through cutting, slicing, and stabbing motions.

  • The Defender Ring™ can be even more effective with any self-defense or martial arts training, in which you're taught to use your hands, fingers, fists and arms as weapons, and supplementing them with a sharp blade would add even more damage potential.  Many martial arts such as Krav Maga and Kung Fu utilize weapons and a wide range of hand movements.  Here are some easy-to-learn and functional self-defense moves from the Wing Chun martial arts:

Ability to Extract Evidence or DNA

The ability to extract and preserve evidence or DNA is a different form of self-defense.  In our modern litigious society, having visual proof, DNA, or other forensic evidence is vital to not only catching an attacker but prosecuting him beyond a reasonable doubt.  We hear about criminals being prosecuted for crimes because they left their DNA at the crime scene and they're able to be identified in a criminal database.

This is also a form of deterrence, as attackers understand that being caught on camera or leaving blood at the scene of a crime is now one of the best ways to catch a criminal and they may think twice before committing the crime.

How Can the Defender Ring™ Extract Evidence of DNA?  

  • The Defender Ring™ is able to extract evidence by capturing DNA through blood, bodily fluids, skin, and other forms of DNA.  If the user is able to cut, slice, or stab the attacker and draw blood, there is a high chance that his DNA will be left behind.  The Defender Ring™ is able to accomplish this because of its sharp, strong protective blade.

DNA Blood Evidence from Attack

Bonus Features: Peace of Mind and Confidence

Aggressors normally prey on weak targets who look like they would be an easy victim.  A good rule of thumb is for women to walk confidently with their head up and vigilant of their surroundings, but also not to draw unnecessary attention and recognize when to cross the street.  This is also called "street smarts" where someone emanates a confident attitude and energy to "not mess with me". 

We believe that wearing the Defender Ring™ will instill confidence in the user that she is not alone and not defenseless.  This boost in confidence may be what's needed for a woman to give off that "don't mess with me" vibe.  One slice or stab with the blade can be more discouraging and damaging than if she had no weapon at all.

Every person, male or female, should have a self-defense product to defend themselves. If your preferred weapon is a gun, then that will surely provide you with a high level of personal protection.  If you'd prefer to wear a small, practical ring that is both beautiful and can be transformed into a self-defense blade, then you should consider the Defender Ring™.  

Our goal is for wearers of the ring to never have to use the self-defense device for actual personal safety, but rather to just have additional peace of mind as they go about their daily lives.  If you're interested in learning more about the Defender Ring™ or purchasing one today, please read more on our website: Defender Ring™.



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