3 Spheres Defender Ring™
Self-Defense Ring Jewelry

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3 Spheres Defender Ring™

Look good and feel safe with our self-defense ring, 3 Spheres Defender Ring™.

Ring Design

The design is made up of 3 Spheres and has a textured pattern on it.  The futuristic vibe, along with the varying sphere sizes, make this ring a unique fashion accessory.  Despite the texturing and eye-catching design, the ring is quite minimal and doesn't look flashy when worn.

Self-Defense Weapon

A sharp, pointed blade is mounted inside the ring.  The blade is 5 mm in height, 2 mm in width at the base, and has a spine of 1 mm.  The blade is made of metal, and is capable of cutting, slicing, and stabbing.  The ring is mounted on your hand and is convenient, immediately accessible, and nearly impossible to knock off.

Product Use and Functionality

Every Defender Ring™ has the same use and functionality.  Each ring can be worn as a regular piece of jewelry, and can be transformed into a self-defense tool by unscrewing the ring top.  Simply unscrew the 3 Spheres ring top in a counter-clockwise direction to unveil the blade in less than one (1) second.

Multiple Designs

Defender Ring™ self defense ring comes in five (5) different designs that can be interchanged based on your style.  Simply unscrew one ring top, and screw on another ring top to change your look, while still being protected.  All Defender Ring™ tops or interchangeable with all bands of all sizes.  You can check out our other ring top designs here:

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Pearl Defender Ring™ Picture 

3 Spheres Defender Ring™

Additional Ring Information

3 Spheres Defender Ring™ integrates fashion and personal defense into one small, light, stylish piece of jewelry that is both practical for everyday wear and effective at defending against an attacker.  

All of our personal protection rings are dual-purposed, serving primarily as everyday jewelry, and secondly as self-defense weapons for women.  This allows women to wear Defender Ring™ as part of an outfit, rather than having to carry something heavy, bulky, or dangerous in a bag, purse, or pocket.

The design for 3 Spheres Defender Ring™ was inspired by a modern, technological style.  Unlike other designs in our collection, the 3 Spheres also has a texture which makes the design pop off the ring.

3 Spheres Textured Metal Balls


  • Sharp, Curved, Pointed Self-Defense Blade
  • Polished, Fitted Ring Band
  • Intricate, Hand-Crafted Ring Designs
  • Practical for Everyday Activities Such As Working, Running or Exercising
  • Quick Transformation from a Decorative Ring to a Self-Defense Weapon


Silver and Steel

Ring Size:

5 - 10

Blade Weapon Size:

5 mm (height) x 2 mm (width at base) x 1 mm (depth of spine)