Creating Defender Ring X

Creating Defender Ring X

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Defender Ring X is our newest line of self defense ring weapons designed as everyday jewelry.

Defender Ring X features a large blade weapon that's concealed by a ring top. Our X line is bolder, bigger, more powerful, and the perfect weapon for women who want a devastating advantage against a predator.

Silver Self Defense Ring with Rose Design and Large Blade Weapon

Initial Conception of Defender Ring X

Our customers love our initial Defender Ring self defense ring product, and our team is so happy that we can make a positive impact in our customers' lives. 

We've received countless emails from young professionals, mothers, college students, male customers, and many more who feel safer, more empowered, and more capable of defending themselves wearing our self defense ring.

Like any customer-facing brand, we interact and correspond with the public on a daily basis. Some prospective customers asked if we could create something scarier. A weapon more intimidating. Less jewelry, more weaponry.

At first we were hesitant to develop this type of new ring.

One of our objectives from the beginning was to create practical self defense weapons. Sure we could mount a Machete to a ring and it would be a formidable weapon, but it would not be practical for people to wear every day.

But we listened and brainstormed, and finally agreed that in this day and age, it was necessary to create another ring that was more ferocious since predators are becoming more determined and brazen as well. 

Developing the Blade Weapon

We wanted to create something you could wear on your hand that would be devastating to an attacker.

Based on our original Defender Ring design, we had a few options for making a new self defense ring that would be able to inflict more significant damage to an attacker. The main ways would be to widen the blade weapon, lengthen the blade weapon, or change the blade weapon shape.

Widening the blade weapon would create a larger cross section of impact. Lengthening the blade weapon would create a deeper gouge of impact. Changing the blade weapon shape could increase the pain and/or damage of the impact.

We decided to both widen the diameter and increase the length of the blade weapon to create a larger cross section and a deeper gouge of impact.

Our new Defender Ring X line blade weapon sports a serious 10 mm in length by 4 mm in diameter that is not to be taken lightly.

Everyone who purchases, handles, or sees Defender Ring X in person is shocked and impressed by the ferocious nature of the blade weapon and regards it as a serious weapon.

We wanted to create something with a shock and awe effect that would demonstrate overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to deter and discourage even the most evil predators.

Defender Ring X does just that with a blade weapon that can cause serious and significant injury to any deserving attacker.

Defender Ring X Designs

Our original designs for Defender Ring were so popular that we decided to carry most of them over to our X line.

Our sphere designs were easy to carry over, as we just increased the diameter of the spheres to encapsulate the larger blade weapon.

As the X blade weapon is 10 mm in length, we created our Defender Ring X sphere designs at 11.5 mm in diameter. Our Sandblast, Sphere, Stardust and Onyx were our most popular spheres and we decided to include these in our X line.

We also added a pop of color with a new Defender Ring X ring called Cobalt X, which features a deep luminous blue sphere top.

Our initial design for Defender Ring and still the most popular design is our Rose. We of course decided to carry the Rose over to our X line, however we faced some complications with the new size.

The initial Rose design for Defender Ring, simply scaled up to larger dimensions, looked disproportionate and bulky when seen and worn at such a large scale. We realized this Rose design and ring would go against one of our main objectives - creating practical, wearable, minimal jewelry. Therefore we decided to recreate our Rose design specifically for the X line.

Our design team and production team created a beautiful new Rose X design that encapsulates the blade weapon perfectly and looks beautiful as jewelry. You can see a comparison of the Defender Ring Rose and Defender Ring X Rose designs below:

Defender Ring X Functionality

Our self defense rings are unique because of their functionality.

Combining a self defense weapon into the body of a jewelry ring allows us to arm women with a practical, minimal, and quick-arming weapon. This would not be possible without our rings' unique thread mechanism.

Fittingly, there were no significant changes to our original Defender Ring functionality and mechanism.

Our self defense ring still uses a thread mechanism to connect the band and blade to the ring top.

Defender Ring X can be unscrewed in 3 seconds, just like Defender Ring.

One small difference is Defender Ring X requires approximately 2.25 revolutions, while Defender Ring requires 3.25 revolutions. This is simply because Defender Ring X has a larger thread diameter and the top can be unscrewed in less revolutions.

Check out this comparison chart of Defender Ring and Defender Ring X to learn about their similarities and differences: Defender Ring + Defender Ring X Comparison Chart

The Future of Defender Ring X and Defender Ring

The future for Defender Ring X and Defender Ring is bright... literally bright with new color tops comprising yellow to pink to green, and everything between.

In addition to new color tops, we're currently developing new 3D geometric shape tops and floral tops. Here's a quick sneak peak at a couple of ideas in development like our...

Dodecahedron ring top:

Dodecahedron Self Defense Ring Top Shape

Tulip flower ring top:

Single Tulip Flower Self Defense Ring Top

Besides new styles for tops, what does the future for Defender Ring look like?

Our company and brand is constantly evolving over time and we're just a little bit over 1 year old. In the beginning, we were planning to have just 1 single self defense ring, our Rose, and today we have 29 different self defense rings to choose from with more on the way.

Our team will continue to work hard, research and develop, connect with our audience, release new products, and stay focused on our company vision: to create a safer everyday life for people around the world.

If you have any ideas for new designs or styles, or self defense weapons, don't be afraid to drop us a line at!

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  • Devonne L Newsome

    Hello, I just ran across your website. With regards to the defender rings, I am curious about the ring top. If I get into a compromised position or being accosted, how would I have time to unscrew the top of the ring before being attacked. Should I remove the top before I go out in public and turn the ring blade toward the inside of my hand? I just don’t see how I would have enough time or be able to remove it inconspicuously, without the attacker seeing me do it. Please explain. Thank you very much.

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