Ring Knife | Defender Ring Self-Defense Weapon

Serrated Self Defense Ring Knife with Tulip Design in Silver Steel

Defender Ring designs innovative self-defense weapons for women, designed as ring knives.

The term "ring knife" describes Defender Ring's self defense rings very well; a person wears a jewelry ring around her finger that has a knife attached to it.  Why would she do that?

Ring Knife Purposes

Ring knives can have different purposes. Defender Ring's purpose is for women to use it as a self defense weapon against an aggressor.

Other ring knife purposes include as a cutting tool to cut string, rope, twine, zip ties, cloth, fabric, fishing line, or to prune plants and trees.

Why a Ring Knife?

Why a ring?  Why not attach a knife to a long stick?

Rings are beautiful, practical jewelry accessories that can be worn every day.  Knives are lightweight, sharp, and easy to use self-defense weapons.

Combine a ring and a knife together and you create a beautiful, practical, lightweight, sharp, and easy to use self-defense ring knife weapon that can be worn every day.

Throwing Knife - Defender Ring Self-Defense Ring


Knives have been affixed to everything like household kitchen knives, folding pocket knives, and even throwing knives.

However, these knives don't contain the practicality of being able to wear the knife as a jewelry ring.

How is the Ring Knife Made?

The Defender Ring ring knife is made by combining a regular jewelry ring with a small knife.  Both the jewelry ring and the small knife are made of 316L stainless steel, which is the material of many knives and tools.

The ring and knife are welded together via a welding process that connects the pieces using additional steel material and heating up the components to affix them together.  Welding is a process used in almost every manufacturing industry to adjoin two separate items together.

Ring Knife Self-Defense Capabilities

Defender Ring's ring knife is the self-defense piece of the product. 

It's sharp enough to pierce through clothing, plastic, and even metal.  While the knife weapon is relatively small measuring 10 mm or approximately 1/2 inch, do not underestimate its potency as a self-defense weapon to deter an attacker, draw blood and collect DNA.

Defender Ring's Ring Knife Specifications

  • Stainless steel material
  • 4 sided knife with a sharp pointed tip
  • Serrated edges
  • 10 mm in length
  • 4 mm in width at the base
  • 2 mm spine
Serrated Ring Knife in Rose Gold with Tulip Design

Self-Defense Ring Knife Moves

Here are some basic moves you can use to fight off an attacker:

  1. Strike, stun and run - if a predator is attacking you in a desolate area, your best bet is to strike him with the ring knife so that he is stunned, and then run away.  Always flee the scene to call for help, rather than engage the predator in a fight.
  2. Stab to arm - this is the best move if your aggressor has grabbed you and the your arm's length does not reach his face or other sensitive areas.  You should have access to his arms since that's what he's holding you with.  Stab him in the arm so that he let's go and gives you an opportunity to run away.
  3. Stab to face, throat or eyes - this is a serious and incapacitating self-defense move that should only be done as a last resort.  It can result in lasting damage to an attacker so you must use discretion.  If there is a predator who has cornered you in a public restroom and is violently attacking you, then you should stab him in the face, throat or eyes as much as possible.  On the other hand if a drunk college student cat calls you, it may not be appropriate or legally acceptable to use such great force.  Always use your own judgment before taking action.
  4. Stab to leg - stab to leg is an excellent move to perform if an attacker has grabbed you from behind and is attacking you or strangling you.  You won't have too many options in such a vulnerable position.  A stab to the leg might be able to stun him enough to stop strangling you.

The Future of Ring Knives

Ring knives are here to stay because they help humans do things we are bad at.

The human body is capable of amazing physical feats.  It can run long distances, swim large bodies of water, jump extreme heights, push and pull heavy amounts of weight, and grab, throw, and maneuver objects with precision.  What's the one thing the human body doesn't do well? It can't cut, slice, or stab well.

Knives allow us to cut, slice and stab very well.  And combining that into a ring, allows us to wear that functionality as part of our body.