Press Release - February 6th, Defender Ring™ Product Launch


Chic Self-Defense Ring with a Concealed Blade

The New Defender Ring™ Combines Style, Safety, and Practicality into a Modern Self-Defense Ring for Women

New York, New York – February 6th, 2017

Defender Ring™ ( launches the first self-defense product for women that looks like a typical ornamental ring, but can quickly be transformed into a sharp self-defense weapon.  Defender Ring™ was developed as both a self-defense tool and jewelry, to offer women a modern, dual-purpose accessory to wear regularly.  In the outdated self-defense market consisting of bulky stun guns and inefficient pepper sprays, Defender Ring™ joins an emerging category of self-defense wearables that’s becoming popular with consumers for its practicality and eye on fashion. “Stun guns can be effective at deterring an attacker – but no woman wants to carry one in her bag every single day in preparation for an attack,” Defender Ring™ Founder, Ryan Lee, says about current self-protection products.  “Defender Ring™ offers consumers a stylish ring that can be worn as an accessory that doubles as an effective self-defense weapon.”

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics and RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) Organization, 1 out of 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.  Lee adds, “We’re confident that Defender Ring™ will provide women adequate protection without sacrificing space, style or convenience.”

Defender Ring™ is designed as a chic ring with an ornamental ring top that can be comfortably worn during everyday activities such as exercising, working, running errands, eating, or shopping.  Concealed underneath the ring top is a sharp, curved blade with a pointed tip and thin edges.  When in danger, the wearer can unscrew and remove the ring top in just seconds to unsheathe a sharp self-defense blade to cut or stab an aggressor.  “We want to make defending yourself as easy and convenient as wearing jewelry,” says Lee.

SRP: $79.00

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver

LAUNCH DATE: Spring 2017