Copy of Ring Sizing Guide

4 Ways To Find Your Ring Size

1. Use Your Current Ring Size

1. Know your current ring size in either US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, China, Singapore, or Japan.

2. Use the below chart to match your current ring size to the US ring size equivalent.

3. Defender Ring sells its rings in US sizes.

US and Canada

UK, Europe, Australia

China, Singapore, Japan

5 J 1/2 9
5.5 K 1/2 10
6 L 1/2 11
6.5 M 1/2 13
7 N 1/2 14
7.5 O 1/2 15
8 P 1/2 16
8.5 Q 1/2 17
9 R 1/2 18
9.5 S 1/2 19
10 T 1/2 20


2. Measure an Existing Ring

1. Select an existing ring that fits you perfectly.

2. Measure the internal diameter of the ring in mm.

3. Use the below chart to determine your ring size.

3. Measure Your Finger

1. Wrap a string or thin strip of paper around the base of your finger.

2. Mark the spot on the string or paper where the string or paper meets.

3. Measure the length of the string or paper in mm.

4. Use the below chart to determine your ring size.

4. Professionally Measure Your Finger

Visit a local jewelry store or jeweler to have your finger professionally measured. Professionally measuring your finger is fast and most jewelry stores or jewelers will measure your finger for free.


Can't accurately measure your finger? Order the ring size you think will most closely fit your finger and try it on at home. We offer free exchanges until you get the perfect size ring!

Tips and Tricks

1. Order half a size up if you're between sizes. For example if you're between a 7 and a 7.5, order a 7.5 from Defender Ring.

2. Fingers expand when hot and shrink when cold. Measure your finger at the end of the day in a warm environment when your finger is at its largest size.

3. The ring has to slide past the knuckle to reach its destination at the base of the finger. Therefore make sure the ring fits over your knuckle. If your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, pick a size between the two measurements.

4. Defender Ring is intended to be worn on the middle or index finger.

5. Defender Ring is designed to be worn snug around your finger. 

6. Defender Ring sells its rings in US sizes.