How long does it take to unscrew the ring top of Defender Ring?

Defender Ring can be realistically unscrewed in approximately 3 seconds. With practice, most people can unscrew the ring in less than 3 seconds.

How many revolutions are on the thread of Defender Ring?

The Defender Ring thread has approximately 3.25 revolutions.

How do I use Defender Ring to fight off an attacker?

There are 3 main moves you naturally know, that you can use to fight off an attacker using Defender Ring.

1. Punch

Wear Defender Ring, make a fist, and punch an attacker in the eyes, throat or face to create a deep puncture wound.

2. Slash

Wear Defender Ring, make a fist and slash an attacker using a sideways motion in the eyes, throat or face to create a long gash.

3. Grab and Pull

Wear Defender Ring on the inside of your palm so the knife is facing inward instead of outward. Grab an attacker's arm and pull to stab and create a long gash.

What can Defender Ring do for self defense?

1. Inflict Serious Pain to an Attacker

Defender Ring's knife weapon can strike nerve cells and inflict serious pain to an attacker.

2. Cause Significant Damage to an Attacker

Defender Ring's sharp knife can cut skin and blood vessels, drawing blood and causing significant damage to an attacker.

3. Collect DNA of an Attacker

Defender Ring can collect the DNA of an attacker through skin cells or blood.

What's the difference between punching an attacker, and punching an attacker wearing Defender Ring?

Your normal punch may not be fast, strong, or damaging to an attacker due to your size, weight, age, strength, or many other factors.

Your punch wearing Defender Ring will always inflict pain, cause damage, and collect DNA due to the sharp nature of Defender Ring and its ability to pierce and cut skin at low force and slow speed.

Imagine having a sharp blade attached to your fist while you fight off an attacker.