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Defender Ring Find Your Size

    Feel more confident and safe when you're wearing Edge, a beveled-edge self defense stacker that's soft to the touch and fierce on a fist. Edge was designed as a stylish open ring to give you immediate real-life protection without requiring arming or retrieval from a purse. Wear Edge as an everyday essential to have greater peace of mind in your daily life.


    • Deter an aggressor and supplement with your punches with Edge's flat beveled tip
    • Edge is molded from corrosion-resistant, hypo-allergenic, high tensile-strength 316L stainless steel
    • Edge has a minimalist design for discrete everyday wear
    • Prevent Edge from rotating on punches with its built-in side supports
    • Lightweight and compact weighing only 3 grams
    • Package comes with Edge ring, black microfiber ring bag, user manual, and black ring box

    Materials and Dimensions

    Edge Material: Stainless Steel
    Edge Top Length: 5.5 mm
    Edge Beveled Top Length: 4 mm
    Edge Band Thickness: 2.5 mm
    Edge Weight: 3 grams


    Wear Edge on any finger as an everyday ring or on your index or middle finger for self defense.

    Edge is immediately accessible and ready for self defense without requiring any arming, retrieval, or unsheathing.

    Make a fist with Edge on your index or middle finger and fight off an attacker using your instinctive defensive moves such as punching, slashing, grabbing, and striking them. Edge can supplement these instinctive defensive moves with the ability to inflict pain and damage, and deter an attacker.

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