Open Point Rings - Coming Soon!

Open Point Rings - Coming Soon!

As an innovative leader in the self defense space, Defender Ring continues to pioneer new products that are wearable, practical, and effective at self defense.

We receive emails every day from women, men, and young adults around the world inquiring about our products.

Some of our emailers ask about stackable defence rings.

Some ask about more masculine rings or self defense rings for men.

Some ask for more minimal and less powerful rings, while some ask for bigger and more deadly rings.

There are many different variations and options for self defense rings, and we want to assure all of our emailers and customers that we are listening to everyone's suggestions! Our team continues to design, test, and create new products based on your feedback.

Some of the most common inquiries we receive are regarding stackable rings and open rings.

Not only are stackable and open rings the most common inquiries we receive, but these concepts align with our core objectives in creating self defense products: practicality and effectiveness.

Therefore, we are excited to announce our newest product line: Open Point Rings.

What Are Open Point Rings?

Open Point Rings is our newest line of self defense rings.

We've named this collection "open point rings" because they have a weapon, a sharp point or sharp points, that are openly displayed.

Single Point Self Defense Ring in White Gold from Defender Ring

Why Are Open Point Rings Practical?

Our Open Point Rings are very practical to wear as everyday jewelry.

They are lightweight, weighing around 3 grams each, slightly heavier than a penny.

They are very thin with a ring band width of just 2.25 mm, less than the thickness of two pennies stacked together.

And they are stackable, meaning you can wear them with any of our other Open Point Rings or other stackable rings in general.

Thickness of Open Point Rings Less Than 2 Pennies

Why Are Your Open Point Rings Good Self Defense Rings?

Our Open Point Rings are a great addition to any self defense collection.

They are truly the only self defense product on the market that is immediately accessible without requiring any arming, loading, or prepping. You don't need to retrieve it from your bag or holster. You don't need to open it, unlock it, or turn it on. Our Open Point Rings are conveniently located on your hand and ready for immediate use.

Additionally, our Open Point Rings don't require any training, practice, or instruction. We do recommend taking a supplementary self defense or martial arts class to further augment your defensive capabilities. However, that's not required as everyone generally knows how to strike something with their fists, and that's all you need to do with our Open Points Rings.

If you did want to learn more about martial arts and combat classes, check out our article about the pros and cons of the top 10 self defense classes here: Best Self Defense Classes for Women

What's The Difference Between Your Open Point Rings and Concealed Rings?

Our Open Points Rings and our Concealed Rings are both everyday self defense rings that give you an added level of practical protection.

The difference is their functionality.

Our Open Point Rings are worn with their weapon (a sharp point) visible and displayed out in the open, while our Concealed Rings are worn with their weapon (a sharp blade) concealed by a ring top.

If you're familiar with weapons, they can be classified as open carry or concealed carry.

Open carry means that a weapon is being worn or carried so that it is openly displayed for others to see.

Man Carries Handgun in Holster on Hip

Concealed carry means that a weapon is being worn or carried in a concealed manner so others do not know or cannot tell they are carrying a weapon.

Here's a definition for open carry: Open Carry Definition

Here's a definition for concealed carry: Concealed Carry Definition

What Are Your Open Point Ring Styles?

We are launching our Open Point Ring collection with two (2) initial designs which are a single point self defense ring and a double point self defense ring.

Our design team is already brainstorming and testing additional new designs for our Open Point Collection with various styles and self defense capabilities.

All of our Open Point Rings are made of stainless steel and plated in either white gold, 14K yellow gold, rose gold, or black.

Open Point Self Defense Rings Plated in 14K Yellow Gold and Black

What Rings Sizes Will You Offer For Your Open Point Rings?

Our Open Point Rings will be available in sizes 4 - 11 in whole sizes. After our initial release, we plan to expand our available sizes to also include half sizes.

How Much Will Your Open Point Rings Cost?

Our Open Point Ring collection will have a very accessible price point.

While we have not released the prices of the Open Point Ring collection yet, just know that our price point will allow everyone to buy 1, 2, or even 3 stackable self defense rings for themselves and their loved ones. And since we expect our customers to purchase multiples, we'll be offering special bulk order discounts as well.

Are Your Open Point Rings Dangerous To Wear Every Day Since The Point Is Not Covered?

No, our Open Point Rings will not be dangerous to wear everyday. It will be safe for our customers to wear their self defense rings during their daily activities.

Our Open Point Rings do have a point that is exposed, but it's not sharp enough to cut someone from minimal contact.

Consider the open point to be more of an "edge" rather than a "blade".

Simple contact on your skin will not result in cutting into the skin.

What's The Shipping Time If I Order One?

All of our products in stock are shipped on the next business day and typically arrive to domestic customers within 5 business days of your order.

When Will Your Open Point Rings Be Available?

Our Open Point Rings will be available very soon! Follow us on social media, check back on our website, and they should be appearing in our store before the holidays : )

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