Jogger Ring - Best Female Self Defense Ring While Running or Jogging

The Rise of Self-Defense Jogger Rings

Jogger rings for self-defense are a new product on the market that may keep women safe and prevent a violent attack from occurring.  Jogger safety wasn't always a problem, but there have been many recent incidents involving joggers being attacked, raped, kidnapped, or murdered.  This article was written and posted on September 21st, 2018.  Here are just a few of the most recent incidents from the past three days:

September 21st, 2018 - Two Women Fight Off Attempted Abduction in New Zealand

September 20th, 2018 - Jogger Stabbed to Death in Washington DC

September 18th, 2018 - Jogger Attacked and Attempted Robbery in NYC's Central Park

Getting attacked while jogging is now a very serious and possible issue, and women are investing in new personal protection products to prevent something bad from happening.

Woman Jogging and Running on Trail

We know that there is a lot of evil in this world.  We see it everyday in the news, hear about it on the radio, or occasionally experience it first hand.

One of the most prevalent societal issues is violence against women.  It encompasses several forms from street catcalling to physical domestic abuse.  Regardless of its form, violence against women is one of the most horrendous types of evil we see in this world.  The wife-abusers, sex traffickers, rapists, and murderers, would not even be here today to commit those crimes if it wasn't for a woman, their mother, giving birth to them.

Today, violence against women, is still present and has taken on another form; female joggers being attacked.

What was once a great way to release stress and burn calories is now yet another activity that women must be on high alert.  Let's take a look at some of the reasons why we think female runners and joggers are being targeted while out for a run.

Characteristics of a Jogging Victim

1. Solo Running

One joy of going for a run is you can do it by yourself.  You can choose when to go for a run, what route to take, and when to push through your previous wall and take it the extra mile.  That's the reason why a lot of people go the gym alone.  We all have jam packed schedules, we don't want to depend on someone else to go with us, and we don't want to feel bad if we can't make it.

Jogging also releases brain and body chemicals and allows your mind to relax and decompress.  It improves mental capacities, relieves stress, and regulates the body's systems.  All of this is important for the psychological aspect of solo running.  You are by yourself and can be alone with your own thoughts, your own feelings, and comfortable with your core without anyone judging you or interacting with you.  Solitude and detachment from your chaotic everyday life is refreshing and much needed.

Woman relaxing in solitude

It's ordinary to see the vast majority of people at a park running or jogging alone.  Unfortunately this means that women often run by themselves.  Attackers look for the easiest victims and a woman running by herself is a much easier target than two women running together.  

2. Desolate Location

A major incentive for jogging is the ability to explore new areas.  If you live in a metropolitan city, you can explore new neighborhoods and check out new restaurants simply by running.  If you live in a rural area, you can check out new parks, new paths, and new outdoor environments.

Similar to point number one, most joggers prefer to run in less busy areas.  It can be quite annoying to have to run through crowds of professionals getting off work or tourists blocking the sidewalks.  That's why people love running through nature; through parks, along rivers, down beaches, or through grassy knolls.  These environments provide fresh air, natural running paths, and beautiful scenic motivation, without the hassle of a crowded path.

Unfortunately this means they are also very sparse with people.  Some of the most beautiful areas to explore are also the most desolate.  If you're exercising in an area where the next closest person to you is a mile away, you will be considered a much easier target.  Keep in mind that some attackers are methodical and will scout running paths and pinpoint parts of the trail that are most desolate.  They might then hide in the area, or simply pretend to be walking along the trail until they see an easy victim.

desolate woodland trail location

3. Unsuspecting Joggers

No one ever expects to be attacked, but there are certain situations that may be more prone to violence.  For example, if you're meeting friends in a dangerous neighborhood late at night, you would most likely be on high alert.  But very rarely do joggers going for an after-work run expect to be attacked.  This is the very reason why some perpetrators are now targeting victims in public areas that would not be normally associated with danger.  They know that their victims are not expecting it and their guard will be down.

Runners also like to wear headphones when they run.  This blocks out one of the most important senses in humans to detect danger; your hearing.  Clearly in these situations the senses of taste, smell and touch do very little to help you identify and flee an attacker.  With headphones on, your only line of detecting an attacker will be your vision.  You won't be able to hear if someone is chasing you from behind, or is creeping around in the bushes about to jump out at you.  We're not suggesting to ditch the music - rather be extra alert if you're in a desolate area.

girl with headphones

4. Lack of Preparation

Joggers normally wear as little clothing as possible to optimize their workout.  Likewise runners carry as little items as possible while exercising.  Therefore, a jogger's body will be relatively exposed from a clothing standpoint and vulnerable to injury.  Since runners try to stay as light and nimble as possible, they won't be carrying a pocket knife or pepper spray on them.

We're not suggesting that you wear a Kevlar vest and carry a large can of pepper spray to every run.  That would be impractical and unnecessary.  That's why the advent of the jogger self-defense ring is important in this day and age as a convenient, effective self-defense weapon.  It can be worn regularly as a piece of jewelry, and is small, light and carried on your hand.

5. Exercise Fatigue

This will depend on if you are running or jogging and what your intentions are.  In general, running tires you out.  Therefore if you are attacked when you're tired, you will be less capable to defend yourself.  Imagine someone preparing for a marathon and running 20 miles, only to be attacked at the end of her run.  She would surely be exhausted and not have much energy left to defend herself.

The counter argument to this is that running or exercising puts you into an "active" mode and you'll be primed to either fight or flee, or both.  The adrenaline will already be pumping, your joints and limbs will already be warmed up, and you'll have that physical survival instinct already kicking in.

fatigue after exercising

What Should Female Joggers Do?

As we stated above, there will always be people with bad intentions in this world.  Just like with terrorism, the worst thing we can do is give in and alter our life based on fear.  That's what they want.  It's important to continue and carry on with our normal everyday lives, but to be extra mindful and vigilant about possible dangers.

Here are some additional things female joggers can do to prevent an attack:

  1. Remain alert throughout the entire run.  Allow yourself to work out intensely, take in the scenery, and decompress, but always be mindful of your surroundings.

  2. Vary your running schedule.  If possible don't go running the same days and at the same times every week.  Change it up so potential attackers will not know your schedule.

  3. Vary your running path.  Don't take the same route every time.  Jog up different streets and always change your path.  One day run by the lake one time, and the next run through the field.

  4. Run with other people.  Occasionally run with a friend, partner, or join a running group.

  5. Run with your dog.  Dogs love running, exercising, and exploring.  It can be difficult to run with your dog until you have a hang of it but don't be discouraged if he pulls a lot the first time or at the beginning.  Learn how to lead your dog so he runs next to you and not in front of you.  Dogs can be a big deterrent to potential assailants.

  6. Learn about your route.  Where are the most desolate areas?  Where are there the most people?  Where are there stores or other public places?

  7. Be prepared and plan ahead.  As you're reading this article, you can literally think of how you would handle a dangerous situation.  Think of what you would do if you were chased by an attacker.  Would you scream, run for your life, or turn and fight?  What if you were running on a very desolate path, and there was a suspicious man coming in the opposite direction.  Would you turn around and continue running in the other direction, veer off to a side path if possible, or run past the stranger on high alert?  There's not necessarily a right answer, but it's important to visually map out your response in a high intensity situation before it occurs.

  8. Wear a self-defense ring for joggers.  It would be perfect if every woman in a dangerous situation had a loaded gun in her hand pointed at the assailant, ready to pull the trigger if he got any closer.  If this were the case, we would feel tremendous peace of mind.  But that's completely impractical and unrealistic.  Women don't carry guns on jogs, or even to work.  Women don't carry stun guns to dinner or to a party.  That's why wearing a classy ring to accessorize an outfit is the best self-defense weapon for the modern woman.  She can wear it as regular jewelry and will be equipped with a self-defence product in a dangerous situation.

What Are Jogger Rings?

Jogger rings are the newest self-defense products to hit the market.  They are rings that joggers, or anyone, can wear for added personal protection.

Jogger rings are becoming increasingly popular due to their small size and convenience.  Runners don't have to burden themselves by carrying a can of pepper spray. The jogger ring can simply be worn on any hand and finger (ideally the middle finger), and in a dangerous situation, it can give the victim an added edge to defend herself.

The best jogger rings will be made of metal.  While plastic rings may be less expensive, they will not be as effective as a metal blade weapon, especially against a relentless attacker.

metal blade self-defense weapon

Jogger rings should be dual purposed, functioning primarily as jewelry, and secondly as a self-defense weapon.  While most female runners want to arm themselves, they understand that they will not need to defend themselves every single day.  Therefore, wearing a useless, somewhat ugly ring every time you went running would be silly.  That's why the best jogger rings will be appealing as regular jewelry too.  Women can wear a jogger ring to add a stylish flare to her exercise outfit, and in a dangerous situation, she will be rest assured knowing that she has some help in a personal protective ring.

Rings that are dual-purposed may also be worn in everyday situations like going to work, meeting friends at a bar, or simply running your errands.

Jogger Ring for Women

Feel free to check out the Defender Ring™, which was developed with all of these situations and factors in mind.  It was created as a regular jewelry ring that can be worn daily by a woman.  Women can wear the ring to work, on a jog, or while going out to dinner.  If she notices a dangerous man approaching her and she's in a threatening situation, she can transform the ring into a self-defense blade in less than a second.  The self-defense blade will already be mounted to her fist and she can use it along with her natural defensive fighting to deter or incapacitate an attacker.

See more about Defender Ring™ by visiting our homepage.


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