How to Buy a Self Defense Ring | Self-Defense Ring Buying Guide

Looking to purchase a cute and dainty ring that doubles as personal protection?

Look no further than this Self Defense Ring Buying Guide to walk you through the buying process.

We’ll examine 5 main factors to consider when purchasing a self defence jewelry ring.  In no particular order, they are:

Practicality, Effectiveness, Looks, Ease of Use, and Cost.

1. Practicality of the Self Defense Ring

Practicality in this context is defined as the usability and usefulness of the ring.

A few good questions to ask regarding the practicality of a self defense ring are:

  • Does the self defense ring require maintenance?

Stun gun rings will require charging, and pepper spray rings will require replenishment of liquids. 

  • Is the ring legal?

There may be laws in your city, state, or country that restrict the use of certain weapons. For example, some countries don’t allow their citizens to carry pepper spray or stun guns. Some jurisdictions prohibit knives with blades longer than a certain amount of inches. Check your local laws to make sure you’re legally allowed to own and wear the self defense ring.

  • Can the ring be worn regularly every day (e.g. exercising, at work, or traveling)?

If a self defence ring cannot be worn easily and regularly every day and will sit on the bottom of your sock drawer, then it’s not practical.


Weapon at Bottom of Sock Drawer

2. Self Defense Effectiveness

Effectiveness refers to how well the ring can protect you. Does the ring adequately accomplish its purpose of self defense?

Self defense can generally be defined by stopping a predator from attacking you in 1 of 2 ways as follows:

1. Deter a predator

The predator is discouraged from attacking the woman by his own choice. He might see the woman’s weapon and be scared to continue his attack. Or the woman may inflict harm onto the predator, and he is discouraged from continuing the attack.

2. Disable a predator

The predator does not want to stop attacking the woman, but the victim performs some action to physically stop the attacker and attack. This can be spraying pepper spray into his eyes to remove his vision. It can also be killing the attacker in self defense if necessary.

Let’s be frank. Everyone knows that a ring is not a gun and is unlikely to possess the power of a gun. It would be very difficult for a ring to possess the ability to kill an attacker in self defense by its own power. Maybe 20 years from now with continued advancement in technology and manufacturing, a product the size of a ring will possess unrelenting power, but today that does not exist.

Therefore it’s important to accept that a self defense ring’s effectiveness will have limitations due to its size (which is also ironically a primary benefit of having a ring for a self defense weapon in the first place).

A self defense ring will find its merit in deterring or discouraging a predator.

Dirk Dagger Knife

Knives including blades, sharps, points, and jagged edges are the main weapon of choice in self-defense rings. However there are also jewelry rings that contain pepper spray, electric voltage, and even technology such as flashing lights or sounds to scare off an unwanted aggressor. So which weapon is the best in terms of effectiveness?

Our ranking of these features is as follows:

1. Knives

There is no grey area regarding knives. If you punch a predator with a ring knife, it will cut him. Knives collect DNA and draw blood which are not only important evidence in an investigation, but act as strong deterrents to predators that understand their identity is no longer hidden.

2. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray when applied directly onto a predator is the best deterrent. It immobilizes the attacker by removing his vision in a non-lethal manner and gives you the opportunity to flee.  If we knew that a pepper spray ring would be released and hit the predator 100% of the time, pepper spray would be #1. But there are too many variables that affect this self defense weapon. How do you arm and aim it? Will it shoot every time without fail? How will you know when the pepper spray cartridge is low?

3. Stun Guns

Stun guns are a great contact weapon for immobilizing an aggressor. Similar to pepper spray, if we knew that a stun gun would work and immobilize an attacker 100% of the time, it would be #2 on our list. But there are several factors that can potentially make it unreliable. Will a stun gun work on every person? How do I arm it? Can it be recharged and how will I know when the voltage is running low?

4. Technology

An alert button ring that contacts the police and sends your GPS location is undoubtedly a great personal defense tool to have. However it will not help physically fight off an attacker. Lights and sounds can scare off an attacker and again are a great safety tool to have, but will also not help physically fight off an attacker.

3. Looks of the Self Defense Jewelry Ring

Any proper self defense ring should factor looks into their product, especially if it’s geared towards women.

Unfortunately, most self defense rings don’t put any weight into looks beyond adding a pink color option.

Pink Stun Gun for Self Defense

This shows the outdated landscape of women's self defense rings. The word “ring” is in the product term and should be included in product development, but it’s constantly overlooked in our current tone-deaf society.

Luckily, new brands are innovating and incorporating style, fashion and looks into their product development process early on and coming out with some attractive self defense rings.

Why are looks so important?

A self defense weapon is only useful if it’s in your hand during an attack. If it’s at home in a drawer, or even at arm’s length in your pocket, it doesn’t do you any good. Therefore it’s important that self defense rings are visually appealing so women can wear them regularly as regularly jewelry and in dangerous situations.

4. Ease of Use for the Self Defense Weapon

Here are a few good questions to ask yourself regarding Ease of Use when buying a self defense ring:

  • Does using the self defense ring require any practice or training?

Depending on the type of practice and training, it might be best to purchase self defence rings that are easy to use.

  • Is the ring and self defense weapon convenient and accessible?

Self defense weapons are only easy to use if they are in a convenient location or easily accessible.
  • How long does it take to arm the weapon?

Time is a crucial factor in attacks and victims don't have many warning signs before a predator strikes. Make sure to choose weapons that can be armed quickly.
  • Does the ring require a certain level of strength or speed to work effectively?

For example, a baseball bat can be effective if used by a certain person. But if you give a baseball bat to an elderly woman who doesn't have a lot of strength, it will be difficult for her to use it in self defence.

    5. Self Defense Ring Cost

    Humans love to shop. The only thing we love more is getting a great deal. What price should we expect to pay for a self defense ring?

    It depends on a few factors. What's your financial situation and budget for a personal protection device? What's your expected use of the ring? What are your personal values regarding safety and security?

    1. Financial situation and budget

    Most self defense rings are priced well. They range from under $20 up to around $100. While it’s not as cheap as a cup of coffee, it’s also not exorbitantly expensive. It's a smart purchase that will last a long time and provide safety and peace of mind.

    If you are set on purchasing a self defense ring, you can save $10-$20 per month for a few months to make the purchase. Some companies also offer flexible payment plans with 0% interest.

    2. Expected use of ring

    There’s a difference between everyday self defense rings and traditional self defense rings. If you’ve purchased a defence ring that can only be worn as a weapon, then you will probably only wear it in certain situations like going for a jog in the park. If you purchase a defence ring that can be worn as everyday jewelry, you’ll get more use out of it which can justify the cost.

    3. Personal values

    Some people value security and safety as a top priority while others aren’t even concerned with it. The right to defend one’s physical body and life is part of the United States Second Amendment, which is the right to keep and bear arms.

    2nd Amendment Constitution

    Others may view guns and protective weapons as unnecessary in our modern day society due to the increased presence and capability of law enforcement.

    Final Words on Buying a Self Defense Ring

    Buying a self defense ring doesn’t have to be an arduous decision. Simply review the 5 criteria we examine above, and make a well-informed decision as to which product best suits your needs and will successfully provide you protection.

    There aren't too many options for self defense rings on the market today as it’s a relatively new industry.  But there are many young up-and-coming self defense jewelry brands that are innovating new products and finding their way onto the hands of interested customers.

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