Defender Ring vs. Pepper Spray - Self-Defense Product Comparison

Defender Ring vs. Pepper Spray - Self-Defense Product Comparison

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Defender Ring vs. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most popular self-defense products for women.  Pepper spray is so effective that it's also used by law enforcement for riot control, and by hikers and civilians to defend against animals such as bears or dogs. 

However, there is something very disturbing about this awesome, effective self-defense product: there are no news stories or articles about women using it to fend off potential attackers.  If you Google a search term like "pepper spray self defense story", you won't find any stories.  You'll only find news articles about police using pepper spray for crowd control, or people misusing pepper spray against other civilians or animals.

In this article we'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pepper spray as a self-defense weapon for women.

Pepper Spray Self Defense Weapon

Pepper Spray Advantages

We've already listed its biggest advantage above; effectiveness.  Pepper spray is also a non-contact self-defense weapon and is relatively inexpensive.


Pepper spray is a unique non-lethal option for women seeking personal protection.  Pepper spray is a liquid that contains chemicals from plants and chilies called capsaicin.  If sprayed onto an attacker, it will produce inflammation in the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and lungs, which causes these areas to close up and be restricted.  Tearing of the eyes, temporary blindness, and restriction of breath occurs. It also produces irritation if the liquid contacts skin or is inhaled which leads to burning, stinging, and pain.  If you are about to be attacked and have pepper spray handy, this product will surely deter or incapacitate an offender.

Chilies for Pepper Spray

Pepper spray and Defender Ring™ have very different self-defense methods.  If used properly, pepper spray can be a more effective way to defend oneself, because the offender will be fully incapacitated and the victim has a chance to run away or call for help.  The user only needs to aim and press a button.  On the other hand, Defender Ring™ is a great protective tool that will strengthen your self-defense capability in any situation by adding a sharp blade weapon to your fist.

Non-Contact Weapon

Pepper spray is an excellent non-contact protective weapon.  A woman can use the weapon at a distance before her attacker closes his distance and reaches her.  Typically pepper spray weapons can fire up to approximately 10 feet in distance.  Pepper spray can also be used once the attacker has already reached you, but you have to be careful that the liquid and effects don't hurt you!  Non-contact weapons are useful because they can incapacitate a target before he even reaches you. 

Defender Ring™ is a contact weapon which means you'll have to strike an attacker with it for the weapon to be effective.  The best way to use it will be in close quarters.  Given the fact that the vast majority of attacks happen in close quarters, the Defender Ring™ provides women a much needed defensive tool.


Pepper spray is sold online for anywhere between $15 - $45.  It's also sold in some gun stores and pharmacies.  The benefits that you get from pepper spray justify the cost.  Keep in mind that there are ongoing costs for pepper spray.  If you use up a cartridge, or it expires, you'll have to purchase a new product or replacement cartridges to ensure that the fluids are potent.

Pepper Spray Disadvantages

While the hot spraying liquid of OC spray is great at thwarting would be attackers, there are several disadvantages to using it as your primary self defense weapon.


Pepper spray comes in cans, capsules, or canisters.  If you use it as your primary self-defense weapon, you'll have to carry around the large, bulky, heavy device regularly.  Keep in mind pepper spray is not that big or bulky; it's similar to a perfume bottle.  But compared to most purses and bags nowadays, expect the gadget to take up some notable real estate.

Pepper spray also serves only one purpose; incapacitate someone in self-defense.  If you carry this product around regularly, you may never have to use it in your life and at worst you'll have to use it once or twice.  That equates to a lot of unnecessary carrying of the device.

Woman Holding Bag with Self Defense Weapon


Pepper spray is carried in a bag or purse.  It's too big to carry in a pocket and you wouldn't walk with it in your hand.  How much time would it take to retrieve the product from your bag, open and arm it, and then use it?  If you include being under duress and possibly in the dark, that time will increase.  In a sudden, unpredictable attack, a victim doesn't have more than 5-10 seconds.  Rarely will she even have 5 seconds.  Unfortunately pepper spray is not immediately accessible and therefore wouldn't be a good product in a self-defence situation.

Conversely, Defender Ring™ is located on the finger and hand of the user, and can be unsheathed in just a couple seconds making it immediately accessible and usable in a sudden attack, or after an attack has started.


Pepper spray is a device that relies on aerosol or a pressurized gas system to propel liquid.  Therefore you need a working pressurized gas system, and you need potent liquid.  If the aerosol doesn't work or it malfunctions in any kind of way, the device is useless.  If the cartridge is empty, or the liquid is not potent, then the device is useless.  The worst part is that you won't know if the aerosol doesn't work, or the cartridge is empty until you have to use it.  At that point it may be too late.

Secondly, there are some motor skills and aiming required.  You need to be able to push the button and aim the device properly to use it, which seems easy, but might be more difficult under duress and if it's dark out.

Aerosol Pressurized Gas

Defender Ring™ is a manual weapon.  It doesn't require any special mechanisms to cut or slice an attacker.  Once the blade weapon has been unsheathed, the average woman will know how to use her hands and arms in natural defensive motions to use the blade weapon effectively.


The best self-defense plan should incorporate education, awareness, preparation, and multiple weapons or tools.  We highly suggest purchasing pepper spray to include in your self-defense arsenal.  While there are many disadvantages to pepper spray, if you have it in the right situation, it can be the most effective, non-lethal, non-contact self-defense weapon.  A great combination would be to carry pepper spray in your car or at home, and to wear Defender Ring™ regularly so that you have multiple weapons at your disposal.  With so many recent stories of women being attacked it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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