Creating Defender Ring Z

Creating Defender Ring Z

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Since our beginnings in 2019, Defender Ring has tirelessly worked to innovate the self defense industry and deliver high quality protective products to our customers.

Our creative minds have not stopped working since day one.

The products offered on our website are just a glimpse into the expansive and extensive research, development, testing, design, production, and implementation that happens behind the scenes at Defender Ring.

Our Newest Self Defense Ring: Defender Ring Z

We are happy to announce our latest self defense ring called Defender Ring Z.

Defender Ring Z is our large self defense ring with a heavily requested new feature: a serrated blade.

Serrated Self Defense Ring Close Up

We have received countless inquiries into the effectiveness of our self defense rings to cut through rope and zip ties. And unfortunately before our latest serrated ring weapons, we were not able to confidently back any claims of their rope or zip tie cutting abilities.

Just to clarify: our other non-serrated ring weapons can easily puncture, pierce, and rip through an attacker’s skin, and other materials.

It’s just this unique ability to saw and cut through a very thin piece of material that it was lacking.

Our team quickly brainstormed adding teeth to the blade in order to create a serrated edge that would be capable to saw through rope or zip ties.

Serrated Ring Weapon Dimensions

Our serrated blade weapon is 10 mm in length by 4 mm in diameter.

These dimensions are twice the size of our small self defense ring.

At 10 mm x 4 mm, our blade weapon is large with two long edges for sawing through rope or zip ties. But it is small enough to rock as a maximalist statement ring and is not so bulky that you will be walking around with a chainsaw on your finger.

We found this 10 mm x 4 mm dimension to be the most ideal balance of size and convenience.

Serrated Self Defense Ring with Blue Sphere Design

Serrated Ring Weapon Material

Defender Ring Z is made of 316L stainless steel, the same metal used in jet engine parts, marine architectural structures, urban buildings, as well as basic cookware, hardware, and surgical equipment.

Besides its strength and durability, 316L stainless steel is corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic.

Orange Jet Engine with Stainless Steel Fan

Defender Ring Z Manufacturing Process

Our serrated blade weapons are processed, cut, and manufactured by machine to ensure precision and quality control.

Defender Ring Z Design

Defender Ring Z ring designs are maximalist, and we offer many unique styles such as our Rose and Pearl. We offer various plating options in 14K yellow gold and rose gold, as well as several eye-popping colors such as Chrome and Ruby.

Our self defense jewelry has a delicate balance of stylish aesthetics and functionality.

How to Use Defender Ring Z for Cutting Through Rope and Zip Ties

Our serrated self defense ring, Defender Ring Z, is easy to use for anyone.

After you have unscrewed the ring top to arm the blade weapon, simply cut through rope or zip ties like you would if you had a knife or saw.

Press the edge of the serrated blade to the rope or zip tie.

Apply minor pressure to the rope or zip tie and begin moving the blade in an up-and-down motion, while maintaining minor pressure.

The blade will make a small cut into the rope or zip tie which will weaken its integrity at that spot. Continue to saw in a back-and-forth motion on that spot, and soon the rope will begin to fray and separate, or the zip tie will begin to weaken and break.

Mini Saw with Serrated Blade Edge and Teeth

How to Use Defender Ring Z to Fight Off An Attacker

Defender Ring Z can be used like our other self defense rings to fight off an attacker.

Wear Defender Ring Z on your index or middle finger. Make a fist to secure the ring to your hand and unscrew the top to arm the blade weapon.

Fight off an attacker using your natural instinctive defensive moves such as punching, slashing, grabbing, and striking him. Wearing Defender Ring Z while performing these instinctive defensive moves will give you the ability to tear the attacker’s skin, inflict significant pain, and collect his DNA.

Future Innovation at Defender Ring

We are always coming up with new ideas for practical and effective self defense products.

Some are just crazy, like the idea to put pepper spray into a ring top.

Some are more viable, like our plan to create a shorter but wider blade weapon which won’t protrude as much from the ring band but still be capable of inflicting a lot of damage.

All we know is we’ll continue to experiment with various implementations we can do with rings!

If you have any ideas for us, as always we welcome them! Email us if you have any ah-ha moments about an innovative self defense ring!

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