What Are Stackable Rings? Stacker Ring Best Practices and Tips

What Are Stackable Rings? Stacker Ring Best Practices and Tips

Stackable rings, stacker rings, or stackers, are rings that can be worn together on one finger, or adjacent to each other on multiple fingers, and are a jewelry trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years because of its minimalist and expressive style.

History of Ring Stacking

Ring stacking, or ring layering, has been around since medieval times where they are featured in many 16th-century paintings and other artwork.

However, it wasn’t until the 1990’s when they started to become a growing trend in the form of small rings adorned with gemstones and designs such as hearts and flowers that could be worn together.

Nowadays, stacking rings involves wearing multiple rings of different metals, designs, thicknesses, and stones, on one and even multiple fingers. You’re free to stack any which way you want!

Meaningful Stackable Rings

A popular stacking practice is to stack rings that are meaningful to you. Many ring stackers start off with their engagement and wedding bands, and add important anniversary milestone rings to their fingers.

Other thoughtful stacking practices are to add stackable rings for your children or pets’ birthdays, death of a loved one, or significant milestones in your life.

Wedding Band Ring Layering Diamons

How to Stack Rings Like a Pro

Ring stacking is as idiosyncratic as each person is. There’s no right or wrong way to stack rings, and the art of stacking rings is about expressing whatever you want to at the moment.

However, here are some general tips to ring layering that will get you on track.

How Many Stackable Rings Can I Wear On One Finger?

As many as you’d like and can fit on your finger! Most people wear multiple stacking rings on one finger.

How Many Different Fingers Can I Wear Stacker Rings On?

As many as you like, as long as the layering doesn’t hinder your day to day. Most people wear stacking rings on 2-3 fingers but leave at least one finger unadorned.

Should I Wear Multiple Stacking Rings On Multiple Fingers?

It’s recommended to either wear a couple stacking rings on many fingers to don a balanced small stack look, or many stacking rings on a couple fingers to sport a bold big stack vibe.

Stackable Ring Metals

The types of stackable ring metals you can wear are limitless.

Previously, people may have preferred to wear stacker rings of the same metal, but nowadays people mix and match metals freely.

What are the most common stacking ring metals? The long list includes favorites such as rose gold, silver, yellow gold, steel, platinum and white gold, and comprises lesser known choices such as bronze, ceramic, glass, palladium, tungsten, and even wood.

Tip: If you’re unsure of where to start but you want to stack mixed metals, go with metals that have similar colors. You can layer silver, steel, white gold, platinum, and other grey/silver colored metals together. Another common metal stacking practice is to have a base metal that most of your stackers are made of like silver, and then add just 1 or 2 stacker rings of a different metal to provide accent.

For example wearing mostly silver stackers and adding one rose gold stacker will add some elegant warmth to the overall look, while wearing mostly silver stackers and adding one yellow gold stacker will add a bit of classy extravagance to your look.

Silver and Gold Ring Layering

Stacker Ring Designs

Stacker rings that have similar design elements or aesthetic qualities can be a perfect starting point for a novice stacker.

Band textures are one design element you can play around with. Bands that are smooth/polished, matte/sandblast, hammered, beaded, pave, or twisted can be combined with like-band textures to create an amazing cohesive look that blends with the rest of your outfit.

Conversely, you can use different band textures to create an accent like wearing a smooth band at the base of the finger followed by a pave band in the middle and another smooth polished band on top of that!

Stackable Ring Gemstones and Colors

Layering gemstones and color elements that complement each other is an easy way to create a memorable stack.

The best practice for layering different gemstones and colors is to match colors that harmonize with each other on the color wheel.

For example, mixing dark red and orange colored stackers will blend in well with each other for some added depth and allure.

Color Wheel for Ring Stacking and Ring Layering

Stacker Ring Shapes and Sizes

When modeling your first ring stacks, play around with different ring band shapes and sizes.

Stacking rings come in various shapes and sizes from thin to thick, from self defense stackers to statement pieces.

We’d recommend using some simple, thin stackers as a foundation for the rest of your stack and to add a few accent or statement pieces into the mix like wider bands or protective stackers. This will allow the accent or statement pieces to stand out more without overdoing the look.

Self Defense Ring Stacker in Gold

Last Minute Stacking Tips

  1. Choose a Focus Finger: You can have multiple fingers with multiple stackers, but for those starting off it’s best to choose a focus finger to build your stack around and experiment off of that finger.
  2. Stack Both Hands: If you’re gonna stack, it’s best to stack both hands! It doesn’t have to be multiple stackers on both hands as one stacker will suffice!
  3. Simple Stackers For The Win: You may not even need extravagant statement stacker rings since stacking itself exudes a bold jewelry look! Simple stackable rings layered with each other may do the trick alone!
  4. Horizontal Stacking: Instead of layering multiple rings on one finger, you can layer stacker rings across multiple fingers by rocking a horizontal stack!
  5. High Stacking: A cool twist to ring layering is to wear some stackers high on your finger close to your knuckle or past your knuckle, with other stackers sitting at the base of your finger!
  6. Prevent Your Stackers from Spinning: Adjacent stackers constantly spinning and ruining your stack? Tie them together with a piece of string that matches the color of the stackers!

Stackable Ring Final Remarks

Ring stacking is all about empowerment, expression - and fun. In a world full of rules and judgements, layering rings effectively says "I'm going to do whatever I want!"

Don't get us wrong, there is also structure and sanity to ring stacking that can be viewed as organized chaos. There are optimal and purposeful ring layering practices that have a rhyme and reason.

And that reason can simply be it reflects what you're feeling and who you are.

Happy stacking!

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