Weapon Jewelry: Practical Self-Defense Weapons for Women

Weapon Jewelry: Practical Self-Defense Weapons for Women

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Weapon Jewelry is the Newest Trend in Self-Defense Products

Weapon jewelry is an emerging category in the personal protection market.  The reason why many consumers and especially females are pushing this category into the mainstream is because of the dual purpose functionality of weapon jewelry.  No we're not talking about mini cannons built into an earring.  And definitely no flamethrowers in accessories.  More like practical small blades, knives, or technology created into wearable fashionable jewelry.

Old Weapon Gun

Jewelry serves one rather nonfunctional purpose which is solely to look nicer.  Weapons on the other hand serve an important function, which is to defend oneself, yet it has no regular practical use since people don't have to defend themselves every single day.

Combining these two traditional products creates the weapon jewelry industry, which blends aesthetic fashion with practical protection.  More importantly is that females generally wear more jewelry than males, and weapon jewelry is catered towards the female gender.  Unfortunately in society, females need more personal protection since most violent crime is against them.

Why is Weapon Jewelry Important Nowadays?

We're not in the 1850's anymore.  People don't walk around town carrying a pistol in their side holster.  There's no space for a bow and arrow in someone's bag.  We live in a fast-paced society where time is money. 

Convenience is a commodity that we're willing to pay a premium for.  We purchase convenience like food through Seamless, transportation through Uber, or office cleaning services through GreenAir Cleaning Systems.  That's why weapon jewelry is becoming a regular item for the modern woman. 

Weapon jewelry provides a self-defense weapon in a convenient, practical, and inconspicuous accessory like a stylish ring.

Gold Rings

Violence Is Constant

Violence is still prevalent in our technologically-advanced, intellectual society.  We've seen it most recently in the public sphere with scandals rocking the entertainment and media industries where high-status men have sexually assaulted female co-workers and subordinates. 

Enough is enough, and groups such as the #MeToo movement have empowered women to stand up for themselves whether it be verbally or physically.

Weaponized jewelry is becoming important during this time of change and growth.  It's unfair and impractical to ask women to carry around bulky items for protection like a gun or pepper spray. 

With the advent of self defense weapon jewelry, women can wear regular jewelry such as rings and feel a sense of comfort and peace of mind knowing that she has a self-defense product disguised as her jewelry.

What is Weapon Jewelry?

Weapon jewelry is regular pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories women wear for style. 

While a piece of "weapon jewelry" is worn primarily for fashion, it can be turned into a weapon and used for self-defense purposes if someone were to be attacked.

What Defines Weapon Jewelry?

Weapon jewelry is a relatively broad term.  It comprises the words "weapon" and "jewelry", which are both in and of themselves loose terms.

Weapon is defined by Dictionary.com as follows:

"Any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, as a sword, rifle, or cannon."

Jewelry is defined by Dictionary.com as follows:

"Any ornaments for personal adornment, as necklaces or cuff links, including those of base metals, glass,plastic, or the like."

Good Examples of Weapon Jewelry

Stylish, Metal, Self-Defense Rings

The most common forms of weapon jewelry are self defense rings such as the Defender Ring™.  This invention is a regular looking, beautifully designed jewelry ring that women can wear everyday.  Therefore it fits perfectly into the "jewelry" category. 

It's secondary function is a protective knife, which can be exposed by removing the ring top.  Therefore it fits well into the "weapon" definition.  Defender Ring™ is a perfect example of a modern, convenient practical ring that also can function as a blade.

Self defense ring pearl

Technological Accessories

These devices which combine technology with jewelry, fall less into the weapon jewelry category and more into the self defense jewelry genre. 

However, weapon jewelry in this context doesn't necessarily mean only arms and armament incorporated into decorative accessories.  It also refers to items that you can use for personal safety.

Technology is built into jewelry and may include the following:

  • GPS-tracking software to track the wearer when in distress
  • Loud alarms or sirens to scare off an assailant
  • Cameras to take pictures of attackers and send them to contacts
  • Responsive censors that can monitor heart rate and other measurables in real time and alert emergency personnel

GPS Technology Defense

Bad Examples of Weapon Jewelry

There are several products on the market that claim to be the best weapon jewelry, but they don't fit the proper definition and criteria for it.

Plastic Self-Defense Rings

When you think of a strong, powerful self defense product, you rarely associate plastic with it.  Plastic is a soft, pliable material made of polymers.  Most weapons are made of metal since metal is strong, durable, and can inflict harm against the human body.

This would be akin to someone trying to attack you with a plastic knife.  At the right angles or in soft tissue spots like the eyes, a plastic knife can certainly hurt, but it doesn't have the same damage inflicting capabilities as metal.

Plastic Knife Weapon

That's the reason why plastic self-defense rings are virtually useless.  Violent attacks against women are never slow, light, or easy.  Attacks are fast, unpredictable, and vicious.  A plastic self-defense ring would barely phase an aggressive assailant.

Ugly Self-Defense Rings

Unappealing rings that are intended for personal safety are pointless.  Jewelry should be aesthetically appealing first and foremost.  Women buy and wear jewelry for their appearance and how it compliments their style or personality. 

If the appealing jewelry can also be used as a weapon, then it has a true multi-purpose functionality, and can be considered weaponized jewelry.

However if it's main purpose is to be a weapon, and it's packaged as a piece of jewelry, then it will not be a practical option because women will not want to wear it.  Most weapon jewelry out there are just weapons.  They're not jewelry at all and have no aesthetic appeal.

Weapon Jewelry's Future

The evolution of weaponized rings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories is just beginning.  As technology advances and innovation is spurred, there will undoubtedly be new products that hit the market with such force and disruption, that we will begin to see women more empowered with greater confidence and peace of mind. 

This is the future of weapon jewelry, and this is why we should always strive to innovate new ideas - for our children, daughters, and the people in this world who are vulnerable.

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