8 Jogger Self-Defense Tips

8 Jogger Self-Defense Tips

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Jogger Self-Defense: 8 Tips to Keep You Safe

Summer 2019 is fast approaching, and people are starting to leave their treadmills for the outdoors.  As joggers take to the parks, mountains, and streets to get some exercise and vitamin D, we should take a moment to review some easy, effective self-defense tips for runners and joggers.

8 Jogger Self-Defense Tips

Jogger Safety: 8 Tips for Self-Defense

1. Alert Vigilance

With headphones on, use your vision to stay alert and vigilant

2. Run with the Sun

Run when there's still light as night provides cover for predators

3. Defender Ring™

Wear your self-defense ring with a hidden blade weapon

4. Smart Phone GPS

Use a smart phone GPS tracking app when going for a jog or run

5. Situational Awareness

Observe, process, and project elements in your environment

6. Jogging Company

Occasionally jog with friends, partners, groups, or your dog

7. Natural Weapons

Use your natural body weapons; your arms, hands, legs, and feet

8. Vary Jogging Routes

Choose familiar, populated paths and vary your jogging routes

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