Jewelry Design Trends in 2020 with Self Defense Jewelry

Jewelry Design Trends in 2020 with Self Defense Jewelry

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With 2020 fast underway, a new year and a new decade of jewelry trends is among us. Designers continue to push the envelope, taking old ideas and transforming them into new, chic must-haves. Here is our list of the best jewelry trends in 2020 in mainstream jewelry and how it plays a role in the inspiration behind our self defense jewelry line.

1. Pearls

The classic, old-fashioned gem is emerging as a cornerstone in 2020 jewelry. Pearls represent purity, integrity, and loyalty, and are known to give off a calming effect to the wearer. Pearls can be seen in single drop earrings, over-sized pearl necklaces, and organic bracelets.

White Pearl Single Drop Earrings

Defender Ring’s Pearl self defense ring combines two opposing concepts - delicate pearl designs and a sharp ring knife. 

Our pearl self defence ring features a 6 mm synthetic pearl ring that is both chic as jewelry and powerful as a personal weapon. Unscrew the white pearl ring top from the band to unveil a sharp spike that’s capable of impairing an attacker and collecting his DNA. Now that’s true pearl power.

Self Defense Ring - Pearl Defender Ring - Self Defense Jewelry

2. Orbs

The everyday circular shape seems somewhat outdated, but orbs are making a comeback. Previously they were looked at as odd pieces of jewelry; both boring and unoriginal. Now however, the sphere shape represents strong fluid energy with an infinite, smooth surface area and symbolizes balance. Orbs can be found on single earrings, in necklaces, and on rings like our self defense ring.

Orb Necklace Jewelry - Defender Ring

Defender Ring’s sphere collection comprises four distinct and chic sphere styles to match a wide variety of aesthetics. Each of the four spheres screws and unscrews onto the Defender Ring base to conceal the knife or arm the weapon. 

The four ring styles are Sphere, Sandblast, Stripe, and Stardust. Sphere is a shiny, smooth, polished ring top. Sandblast is a minimal orb with a lightly textured sandblast finish. Stripe is an embossed stripe ring top. Stardust is a modern orb with a jeweled stardust finish. All four sphere collection styles are 6 mm in diameter and made of stainless steel.

Self Defense Rings - Sphere Defender Ring - Self Defense Jewelry

3. Florals

Floral jewelry always tends to become trendy as the weather warms up and spring is around the corner. Spring is a time of new beginnings and rebirth, while the birds start chirping and the sun begins to stick around later in the day. Floral jewelry is the perfect symbol of this beautiful time of the year when even the cruelest winter cities start buzzing and bustling with each passing warmer day.

Floral jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. Some floral jewelry pieces combine various parts of the flower into the jewelry; vines, leaves, and stems are incorporated into the jewelry’s bands and chains.

Rose Necklace Jewelry

Flowers are designed by nature beautifully and vibrant, so any floral jewelry will encapsulate elements of a natural flower. 

Defender Ring’s current two floral designs are Rose and Plumeria. Rose is our original self defense ring design, and consists of a Rose flower with three layers of petals surrounding a center bulb. The design is beautiful and elegant, but the special element of this self defense jewelry ring is that the rose top conceals the “thorn” of the rose, which is the self defense blade. Naturally, the thorn protects the rose in the wild, and our sharp blade protects the wearer of our self defense ring.

Rose Self Defense Ring - Self Defense Jewelry

Our Plumeria is our other current floral design and is both simple and pretty, similar to a Plumeria flower found in a floral garden. It consists of a center bulb surrounded by five symmetrical petals and sits beautifully on the finger of the wearer. Plumerias are known for their positive energy and they symbolize life and birth.

Self Defense Jewelry - Plumeria Defender Ring

4. Colorful Jewelry

Adorning yourself in a wide array of colors is another trending style in 2020. Colorful jewelry represents a playful, youth-like approach to fashion and its bold pops of flavor are hitting it big with designers and models in 2020. Various gemstones, rainbow necklaces, and blended hues are the splash of color that jewelry is evolving into this year.

Colorful Bracelet Jewelry Bohemian Style

Later on in 2020, Defender Ring is planning to launch a colorful gemstone series of designs which feature our Defender Ring in various color ring tops. All rings will have the same functionality of our self defense ring knife, however their tops will match many colors of the spectrum. 

Is dark green your favorite color? We’ll have a style for you. Interested in the dark black color of an Obsidian stone? We’ll have a ring for you. Here are some of the possible ring colors we’ll have later in 2020:

  • Onyx Black
  • Quartz Pink
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Moonstone Cream
  • Tiger’s Eye Brown
  • Morganite Peach
  • Jade Green
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Opal Yellow
  • Amethyst Purple

Self Defense Jewelry in Various Colors

Self Defense Fashion in 2020 and Beyond

Defender Ring is a powerful self defense weapon, but it’s primary advantage is that it can be worn as everyday beautiful jewelry. Our team designs our self defense rings to be first and foremost jewelry so women can wear it and be armed all the time.

Our rings follow some of the most modern jewelry trends including pearls, orbs, florals, and colorful jewelry, but we also offer classic 14k gold and rose gold.

While the self defense industry as a whole is relatively stagnant, Defender Ring is not. Look out for new and different styles as we expand and offer a wide range of new designs, patterns, materials, and looks!

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