How to Clean and Care for Your Self Defense Ring

How to Clean and Care for Your Self Defense Ring

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Self defense rings are straightforward and easy to clean and maintain once you understand the process. 

A self defense ring comprises two components; a jewelry ring and a self defense weapon. Therefore each of these two aspects must be accounted for during the cleaning and maintenance process.

Minimal Self Defense Ring in City

Self defense rings also comprise aesthetic and functional components, and each of these components must also be accounted for in the cleaning and maintenance process.

Jewelry rings come in various metals and materials such as silver, steel, gold, copper, and platinum. Defender Ring self defense rings are made of steel and gold depending on the design.

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Defender Ring uses 316L stainless steel as one of its materials. 

316L Stainless Steel Metal

Stainless Steel Metal Properties

316L stainless steel is one of the strongest and safest metals in the world, and is an ideal material for a functional self defense weapon. In addition to its strength, stainless steel has high corrosion resistance and strong integrity at high temperatures. Therefore it won’t rust or tarnish easily and will maintain its shape in harsh conditions.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Appeal

316L stainless steel is becoming a trendy jewelry material. It has a desirable muted grey color that can be shiny or matte, and presents looks from chic industrial to post-nature. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and can be plated in other metals or colors to change its appearance yet maintain its elite physical properties.

Gain Dishwashing Soap for Cleaning Self Defense Ring

Cleaning Stainless Steel Jewelry

316L stainless steel can be easily cleaned using everyday household products. Simply fill a small bowl with warm water and add a mild dishwashing soap. Dip a soft, lint-free cloth into the solution and gently wash and wipe your ring until it’s clean. Afterwards, use a lint-free cloth with clean warm water to clean and rinse the ring of any soap or residue. Dry using a clean towel and let fully air dry before putting away.

Caring for Stainless Steel Rings

While 316L stainless steel is one of the most durable metals for jewelry, it’s prone to scratches and stains. Scratches can be removed using a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth and some mild glass cleaner. Apply the mild glass cleaner to the microfiber cloth and gently buff the scratches to remove them.

View this video clip for how to buff a jewelry ring: Buff Jewelry Rings

If your stainless steel ring has a stain on it, you may need to apply specific stainless steel cleaner to remove it if the solution of water and dishwashing soap doesn’t do the trick.

Storing Stainless Steel Jewelry

Since 316L stainless steel jewelry is prone to scratches and stains, it should always be stored when not worn or in use. Defender Ring comes with a microfiber jewelry bag that should be used to store the ring when not worn. Do not store your ring with other jewelry in the same microfiber jewelry bag as they may accidentally rub and scratch each other in the bag. Storing your ring in a microfiber bag will keep it clean and prevent it from being scratched. If you plan on storing your ring for a longer period of time, use the Defender Ring jewelry ring box which will provide additional protection.

Gold Jewelry

Defender Ring uses gold, rose gold, and 14K gold in some of its ring designs.

Gold Bars

Gold Metal Properties

As a metal, gold is metallic, malleable, ductile, and able to conduct heat and electricity well. Gold is very soft and is usually alloyed with other materials to give it more strength.

Gold Jewelry Appeal

Gold is one of the most desirable and expensive jewelry materials on the market today due to its grand appearance and long standing elegance. It has a natural yellow color but when alloyed with other metals, it can produce vibrant colors such as white, red, blue, green or the popular Rose gold, which is another metal and color of Defender Ring.

Gold Health Benefits

Gold has also been found to have health benefits. It can regulate body temperature, improve energy and well being, reduce stress and anxiety, treat skin conditions, boost immunity, and help blood circulation.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Cleaning gold is easy and inexpensive. Take a small bowl, and fill it with warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Put your jewelry ring into the bowl with the solution in it and let it sit and soak for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, remove the jewelry ring, and use a lint-free cloth to wipe the jewelry ring free of any dirt. If there are any stubborn dirt or marks, use a Q-Tip to gently rub it off. We’d advise against using any abrasive cleaning tools like a sponge or toothbrush, as it can easily rub off the gold plating on a jewelry ring. After cleaning, use a lint-free cloth and warm water to rinse the jewelry, and then dry with a clean soft towel. Let fully air dry before storing.

Defender Ring Self Defense Ring Jewelry Box

Storing Gold Rings

Gold jewelry rings need to be stored properly to maintain its appearance. Store your gold plated Defender Ring in the provided microfiber jewelry ring bag to prevent it from being scratched in your pocket or bag. If you’re planning on storing the ring for a longer period of time, store your gold plated Defender Ring in the provided jewelry ring box it came with.

Self Defense Knife

Defender Ring incorporates a knife into its ring for self defense capabilities.

Defender Ring Self Defense Knife

Knife Properties

Defender Ring’s knife is a sharp, four-sided blade with a pointed tip. It’s made of stainless steel and has a threaded cylinder base also made of stainless steel. Take caution while cleaning the self defense knife, as it is very sharp and can easily stab or cut you. Clean the stainless steel knife using the same directions as above.

Maintaining the Self Defense Knife

Knives are normally sharpened on an intermittent basis to maintain its sharpness since they are frequently used and dulled. However, the knife on Defender Ring will not be used frequently and therefore doesn’t need to be sharpened. In fact, sharpening Defender Ring’s knife may actually compromise the weapon’s self defense capability and functionality.

The knife is not meant to be used regularly; the purpose is to use the knife in a dangerous situation against a dangerous individual only. Therefore the knife should not become dull and lose its sharpness if it’s only used under dangerous circumstances.

Cleaning the Thread

The threaded cylinder and hole, which is how the ring top is removed from ring band, is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned using the method above. You should also take a Q-Tip to manually clean inside the thread grooves, as dirt and grime builds up over time.

Threaded Screw for Defender Ring Self Defense Ring

Storing the Self Defense Knife

The self defense knife and thread can be stored simply by always ensuring the ring top is attached. Not only does this keep the knife sharp and the thread clean, but it’s imperative for safety reasons that the ring top is always attached.

Final Tips for Maintaining a Self Defense Ring

A self defense ring is essentially a combination of two components: an aesthetic jewelry component and a functional self defense component. When maintaining your self defense ring, both components must be accounted for and luckily some materials and cleaning methods overlap for both the jewelry and weapon aspects.

Always remember to store your self defense ring when not in use. If you are storing it temporarily and you’re on the go, use the Defender Ring microfiber bag. If you’re storing it long term, use the Defender Ring jewelry ring box as that will provide more protection.

Cleaning and maintaining your self defense ring is not a difficult process. The entire procedure from start to finish will use either tools and products from your home, or items that come with your Defender Ring. Follow our tips above and you’ll be able to wear your self defense ring for many years to come.

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