Evolution of Defender Ring™

Evolution of Defender Ring™

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Defender Ring™ like many inventions started off as a sketch on a sheet of paper.

The concept behind the product was derived from a global need for practical self-defense products for women.

Initial Defender Ring™ Sketches

The first design for the Rose top was drawn on a sheet of paper and was the original inspiration for our current Defender Ring™ - Rose.  Here are the actual original sketches:

Rose Self Defense Ring

Original Design Sketches for Defender Ring™ - Rose

We developed Defender Ring™ to be primarily jewelry.  That's why the ring top design was our first priority.  The top had to be aesthetically appealing as a piece of jewelry, but also modern, clean, and minimal.

Besides the design, Defender Ring™ has a few key elements; the blade weapon, the thread, and the band.

The blade weapon is the self-defense tool, the thread is the connecting mechanism between the band and top and provides functionality to the product, and the ring band adds stability to the weapon and securely mounts it to the wearer's fist. 

The next steps of Defender Ring™ were combining the various parts into a functional, minimal product. The following is a sketch of the product at this phase:

Sketch of Functionality of Defender Ring™

Functionality and Thread Drawings

We decided to use a screwing thread mechanism for connection between the ring band and ring top.  The challenges were clear: how can we integrate a strong thread into the product without adding too much size and weight.  We discussed the functionality and mechanism with engineers and decided on the perfect size thread that would give the product maximum strength and minimum size.

The initial idea for Defender Ring™ was complete and it was ready to be modeled on computer software.

Modeling Defender Ring™ on 3D Software

After the preliminary sketches and dimensions had been decided, we created the designs on the computer using 3D software such as Rhinoceros, Matrix, and other CAD software.

Self-Defense Ring Measurements
Rendering Defender Ring™ on 3D Software


Dimensions are critical when trying to create a minimal product.  Our goal was to minimize empty space and optimize shapes, fit, and measurements.  As you can see in the picture, we were able to develop the ring top so that it encased the blade perfectly.

Creating the Defender Ring™ Prototype

The hard work is over!  So we thought... Defender Ring™ produced its first prototype based on our measurements, designing and development.  This is a picture from our sterling silver prototype:

Old Defender Ring™ Rose
First Defender Ring™ Sterling Silver Prototype


The prototype came out just like we drew it up.

However, there were issues that started to arise as we used it, tested it out, and demonstrated it with prospective customers.

The main issue was the size and bulkiness of it.  Most of our female customers said that they wouldn't wear it regularly.  It was too big and heavy.  The ring was more of a statement or cocktail ring and would clearly stand out when worn.  It would not be appropriate in a professional setting and would be too bulky in a fitness setting.

Secondly, the design was questioned.  Prospective female customers stated it wasn't a nice jewelry ring that women would buy and wear for aesthetics alone.

We went back to the drawing board, and decided to completely optimize the entire ring accounting for both size and style.

Revamping and Redeveloping Defender Ring™

We redeveloped and redesigned the Defender Ring™ to be the practical self defense product we envisioned from the start.  We trimmed and slimmed all parts of the product including the band, thread, blade, and top to be smaller and lighter, and make the overall ring more practical and convenient to wear every day.  

Defender Ring Blueprint
Defender Ring™ Rose Measurements


The band is now thinner, lighter and more comfortable to wear on your finger.  We redesigned the ring top to be more intricate and stylish as a piece of jewelry, and less of a statement ring.  We optimized all ring dimensions to reduce wasted space so that the entire product was as minimal as possible.

Defender Ring™ Band + Blade
Revamped Defender Ring™ Band, Thread and Blade Weapon


We did have to decrease the length of the blade weapon from 10mm to 5mm to achieve these results.  While the blade weapon is shorter, its self defense capabilities were not compromised.  The blade weapon is still capable of piercing skin, striking blood vessels and drawing blood, and hitting nerves and causing pain.

This was the next iteration of the Defender Ring™ Rose:

Self Defense Rose Ring
Defender Ring™ Rose Redesign


Our team loved the new product.  Our number one goal of creating a nice piece of jewelry was fulfilled as prospective customers told us how much they love the design and wanted to purchase one.  The new Defender Ring™ was smaller, thinner, lighter, less bulky, and appealing as a piece of jewelry.

However, our design team decided that the rose top needed minor refinement.  We thought it was a bit too flashy and generic looking.  We decided to craft the design more intricately to flush out the details of a real rose flower.

Below is our final version of the Defender Ring™ Rose:

Perfect Defender Ring™ Rose
Defender Ring™ Rose Final Product
Defender Ring™ Rose Final Product
Defender Ring™ Rose Final Product with Blade Weapon
Defender Ring™ Rose Product Photo in Jewelry Box

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