Defender Ring vs. Stun Guns - Self-Defense Product Comparison

Defender Ring vs. Stun Guns - Self-Defense Product Comparison

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Defender Ring vs. Stun Guns

Stun guns are a modern day self-defense weapon that utilize prongs or projectiles to deliver high voltage electricity to incapacitate an offender.  Law enforcement and regular citizens carry stun guns to immobilize and stun "bad guys" in a non-lethal manner.  In this article, we'll discuss the good and bad of using stun guns for self-defense.

Stun gun self defense weapon

Stun Guns: The Good

Stun guns can be great self-defense products.  They're non-lethal and can effectively immobilize an aggressive attacker.  They're also very cost effective and using electricity can be one of the more powerful non-lethal self-defense weapons on the market. 


Stun guns are a relatively advanced self-defense product that do a great job of incapacitating an attacker.  The weapon delivers an electric shock that temporarily disrupts muscle function and causes pain.  Once the shock is delivered, the attacker is generally unable to stand, move, or use any motor functions for a short period of time.  This immobilization allows the victim to fight back on a more level playing field, escape and flee the scene, or call for help if she's trapped or locked up somewhere.

Non-Contact Weapon

Some stun guns use projectiles attached by wires to deliver an electric shock to an attacker.  This allows the weapon to be used from a distance ranging anywhere from 10-15 feet, and the attacker is not able to close the distance on his victim.  This presents great advantages especially if the attacker still maintains some motor functions after being electric shocked.  The victim can either arm herself with another weapon, or use specific long-range self defense moves to keep the attacker at bay.  Another advantage includes if the stun gun malfunctions or misses, the victim has time to prepare for a physical confrontation with her attacker.

Electric Shock Wave


One advantage is the raw power of a stun gun.  It's extremely powerful compared to other non-lethal weapons.  The weapon literally electrocutes your body using a lower voltage so it doesn't fry you to a crisp.  Still, that's enough to warrant it being one of the more powerful self-defense products just below the level of lethal force.


Stun guns vary in costs.  The high end models with extra features will run you anywhere from $25-$40.  There are also cheaper models that can be purchased anywhere from $10-$20.  Spending $10 on a powerful, non-lethal self-defense product is a complete steal and is one of the best benefits of a stun gun.

Stun Guns: The Bad


While a stun gun is great at incapacitating an attacker, it's not a practical device.  The weapon is relatively bulky and heavy.  As its main function is emitting electricity, it contains a capacitator, charger, battery, wires, and other electrical components.  Naturally a stun gun is on the heavy side due to these various parts.  It would definitely be burdensome to carry in a bag or purse every day in preparation for an attack.  


Stun guns must be carried in a bag or purse.  They wouldn't fit in the average pocket, and the device cannot be worn or carried in your hand.  

Therefore if you carried a stun gun in your bag or purse, and a stranger were to assault you, would you have enough time to retrieve the device, arm it, and then use it?  Normally attacks occur in mere seconds and they are never predictable.  Unfortunately a stun gun wouldn't be accessible enough to use in a real life self-defense situation.  While it's a great weapon, it may end up being a great weapon at the bottom of your bag.


A stun gun is a modern weapon that uses electricity to shock and incapacitate an attacker.  Since it uses electricity, it must be recharged in order to effectively deliver a shock.  If the device isn't fully charged, it won't deliver the full voltage and the attacker won't be immobilized.  Also, this is a device that includes multiple electric components connected and working together.  Just like with any electrical device, sometimes it malfunctions.  If the device were to break or stop working, it would be very difficult diagnosing this problem until you have to use it.

Here's an interesting tutorial on how to make a homemade stun gun: How to Make a Stun Gun.

Electronic Component of Stun Gun


Stun guns are great self-defense weapons and every person should own one.  Most consumers biggest barrier will be cost, and at $10-$15, you can own a powerful, non-lethal self-defense weapon capable of immobilizing an offender.  The downsides are similar to those of pepper spray.  The gadget is not practical to carry in a bag every day.  If you did carry it everyday, it's not readily accessible in a sudden attack.  Lastly since the device has many electric components, there is the risk of malfunctioning.  Overall, stun guns, like most self-defense weapons have an important role in one's personal self-protection arsenal and should be included in yours.

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