5 Functional Jewelry Accessories Every Woman Needs

5 Functional Jewelry Accessories Every Woman Needs

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Once upon a time, jewelry served one purpose; adornment.  Today that’s not the case. Many people buy, wear, and use jewelry for other purposes than just fashionable accessories.

Jewelry represents a quintessential medium for functional products.  Comprising rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and earrings, jewelry is typically lightweight and small.  Jewelry is also worn on someone’s body, making it easy to carry and readily accessible.

Functional Jewelry Ring Bottle Opener

Why functional jewelry?  Everything in today’s world is fast-paced.  Productivity is paramount. Efficiency is synonymous with energy-saving.  So it only makes sense that multi-functional products are becoming more and more desirable and available.  Why carry a screwdriver and a pair of scissors when you can just carry a Swiss-army knife?

Innovators across the globe have been plugging away at solutions to make your life easier by combining everyday products into easy to use functional jewelry.  Here are some of the best:

1. Defender Ring

It only makes sense that we start with Defender Ring, which is both a chic everyday jewelry ring, and a sharp self defense knife.  Sexual abuse and violence against women has never been more front and center in our current social climate. Many women carry a protective weapon with them just to be safe.  The weapons range from cans of pepper spray to pocket knives. Let’s make one thing clear; pepper spray and pocket knives are excellent self defense weapons that can keep an attacker at bay, and we’d recommend everyone both male or female purchase them.  But they do take up valuable space in a purse or bag, and they aren’t immediately accessible if you’re suddenly attacked.

That’s where Defender Ring comes in.  The stylish jewelry ring can be worn on your hand every day while performing regular activities like commuting to work or going out to happy hour with friends.  You can unscrew the ring top to unsheathe a self defense ring knife if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Fashion meets protection in the newest self defense product for women, Defender Ring.

2. Torro Charging Bracelet

We live in the age of technology and everyone from kindergartners to senior citizens are plugged in and connected at all times.  You can only fight it for so long until you realize that technology makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Torro Charging Bracelet Functional Jewelry

Everything electronic is basically powered by a battery and can be recharged.  How often do you see miserable travelers huddled around airport charging stations like zombie followers waiting for their fix?

Torro charging bracelets solve this problem by combining a power supply into a bracelet that can give your smartphone or tablet a boost when you need it most.  Torro designs are simple and minimalist offering an array of colored bands and different metal power banks. Never be without power again with Torro charging bracelets.

3. Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace

You might be wondering why a sex toy is in this article… is a vibrator really a necessary, functional product? Yes! The answer is a resounding yes, according to the popularity of new startups and product lines.  New companies in this growing niche focus on sex toys for females as that’s typically the underrepresented and under served population when it comes to sexual enjoyment.

Functional Sex Toy Vibrator Necklace

The product’s design in and of itself is interesting.  The vibrator isn’t hidden in some compartment or designed to look like something else.  The necklace pendant itself is the vibrator. The design appeal is in the sleek, sophisticated look of the vibrator and it comes in three different finishes including silver, 24K gold, and rose gold.

Many attribute the bold, brazen product to the current social empowerment landscape for women.  Society isn’t quite accustomed to having women hang a sex toy from their neck. However this product is more than that; it represents women’s liberation and female empowerment to do what they want and control their own bodies.

4. Paracord Bracelets

This is one of our favorite multi-functional jewelry pieces for women who do a lot of hiking, camping, or prepping.  Paracord bracelets are simply bracelets made of paracord rope woven together to form a bracelet. They come in practically any color, and technically can be woven together to be any size or length to match your aesthetic.

Black Paracord Bracelet Functional Survival Jewelry

There’s a long list of uses for paracord rope.  225 feet of the lightweight rope weighs 1 pound or less, yet it can hold up to 550 pounds of weight.  It’s water and mildew resistant for braving the elements during outdoor activities. Here are some everyday uses for this functional product:

  • Hanging things like clothes, food, or equipment
  • Shelter building, tent support, tarp affixing
  • Tow rope with your vehicle
  • Tie rope to carry things
  • Water life and rescue lines
  • First aid: splints, casts, wraps, slings
  • Defense: trip wires, restraints/handcuffs
  • Leashes for animals and livestock
  • Shoe and boot laces
  • You can unweave paracord into smaller strands which also can be used for things like sewing, floss, stitches, fishing, and trapping

5. Smart Watches

It doesn’t get more functional and useful than a watch that can answer any questions you have, alert you to medical concerns you’re experiencing, navigate you anywhere in the country, answer your emails, and oh yea tell you the time.  Smart watches have become a staple for businessmen, people always on the go, or those who simply want the latest technology.

Functional Smart Watches Jewelry

Smart watches are fashionable accessories as well.  Major brands design their own smart watches such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Fossil, Garmin, Fitbit, and even Armani.  Full customization includes things like the watch band, face, style, size, and whether you want it to be analog, digital, or both.

The Future of Functional Jewelry

The industry of functional jewelry is just getting started.  Soon there will be credit card rings and virtual reality sunglasses.  In its nascent stages, we’re beginning to see the potential for what functional jewelry has in store for us, and it’s very exciting.  Not only are these products functional, but they’re smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more convenient than what we previously had. The best result is it’s creating safer lives, smarter individuals, and more happiness throughout the world.

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