3 Spheres Defender Ring™ | Self-Defense Ring Jewelry (TOP ONLY)

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Defender Ring™ Ships Spring 2019

3 Spheres Defender Ring™ Coming Soon


  • Stainless steel
  • Ring top height 6 mm
  • Ring top diameter 9 mm
  • Interior nut thread
  • Polished
  • Ring top is interchangeable with all ring bands


Defender Ring™ is intended to be primarily worn as a piece of jewelry. 

3 Spheres Defender Ring™ top is intended to be used with our regular product, Defender Ring™, and interchangeable with any of our ring bands.

The blade weapon is made of metal, and capable of stabbing, slicing, and cutting an attacker.  The weapon is conveniently located on your hand, immediately accessible, and can be armed in just a few seconds.

In a self-defense situation, the blade weapon will be mounted to your fist and nearly impossible to knock off.


3 Spheres Defender Ring™ Coming Soon