TSA Guarantee

Our TSA Guarantee

states that if your Defender Ring product is confiscated in airport security, we will send you a free replacement ring. 

Our guarantee is to arm our customers with our self defense rings for life. The last thing you should worry about in a dangerous situation is the condition of your Defender Ring.

What does Defender Ring's Lifetime Protection Warranty cover?

Our lifetime protection warranty covers any damage your product incurs as a result of a dangerous situation.

Damage includes:

  • Chipped products
  • Bent products
  • Stained products
  • Broken products
  • Products damaged in any way that affect the ring aesthetics or functionality
  • Any lost products - Yes that's right. Even if you lose your ring top while arming your self defense ring in a dangerous situation, we will replace it for free!

Dangerous situations include:

  • Any type of violent crime
  • Any type of attack
  • Any type of harassment
  • Any type of threat - Yes that's right. If someone verbally threatens you and you feel endangered enough to arm your self defense ring, if you accidentally damage your product, we will replace it for free!

Warranty Scenarios

  • While leaving a friend's birthday party, I was suddenly surrounded by a group of evil footclan soldiers! I flashed my Defender Ring X, and they quickly scattered away, not wanting to mess with me. However, I can't find the ring top. Is this covered? Uh, you betcha. In fact, we'll send you 3 more Defender Ring X's to give to your fellow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  • I was on an empty train coming home from work when a random stranger came up to me and started threatening me. I fortunately armed my Defender Ring and when the assailant grabbed my arm, I struck him in the face with my Defender Ring stunning him and allowing me time to run off the train. When I checked my ring, the band somehow got chipped in the scuffle. Is this covered? This is 100% covered and please make sure to provide the police with any blood or skin cell DNA left on the blade weapon.
  • My ex-boyfriend tried to attack me outside of my apartment building, but I was able to use my Defender Ring X to strike him several times in the face and body. After he realized he was getting badly injured, he left the scene. Unfortunately now my Defender Ring X is stained and bent from the damage it inflicted. Is this covered? That's a very unfortunate situation, but we're relieved that you were able to use our ring to protect yourself. Yes, we will send you a free replacement product.

What does Defender Ring's Lifetime Protection Warranty not cover?

Our lifetime protection warranty does not cover any damage or lost products that occur in everyday life. Examples include:

  • You are practicing punching with the Defender Ring and accidentally chip your ring. Your product is not covered under our warranty.
  • You're showing your friends Defender Ring, and accidentally drop the ring top in a sewer drain. Your product is not covered under our warranty.
  • You're at work stocking products, and you accidentally bang your Defender Ring against the shelving unit causing the ring top to break. Your product is not covered under our warranty.

If you have any questions about our Lifetime Protection Warranty, please email us at support@defenderring.com!