Female Empowerment and #MeToo

Defender Ring™ shares its core identity and company values with female empowerment organizations and causes like the #MeToo Movement.

The objective of our product is to arm women with a tool to defend themselves.

The most important part is that women don't have to compromise or sacrifice any part of their lifestyle to wear and use the product.  It blends seamlessly into a jewelry ring that women can wear regularly.

10% Profit Donation

Defender Ring™ will make a pledge to donate 10% of profits to organizations and causes that support female empowerment starting January 1st, 2019.

We want our loyal customers to know that with every purchase they make, they're investing in and supporting the global female empowerment movement.

Donating Profits Business Check

Submit Your Organization or Cause

Please email us at thedefenderring@gmail.com if you would like to submit your organization or cause to our company for donation consideration.

You may also email us to inquire about partnering with Defender Ring™ to support female empowerment.