About the Ring

About the Ring

Defender Ring™ is both a beautiful, minimal piece of jewelry, and a powerful, functional self-defense weapon.

Defender Ring™ was developed primarily as a piece of jewelry, which is how the ring would be worn and used the majority of the time

How is it Jewelry?

Defender Ring™ can be worn like any other jewelry ring by placing it around the base of your finger.

How is it a Self-Defense Weapon?

Defender Ring™ can be worn as a hand-mounted self-defense blade weapon ring and used to stab or slice an attacker.

How do you Transform it?

Defender Ring™ will be primarily a jewelry ring.  Simply unscrew the ring top to remove it, and unsheathe the self-defense blade weapon.



You know what sucks about pepper spray and stun guns?  You might never have to use it, and when you do, it will be in your sock drawer at home.  Or if you're lucky enough to carry it with you every day of your life, when you need it most, it will be lost at the bottom of your bag.  What good is that type of self-defense product?

You know what's a better option?  A simple, stylish ring that you wear everyday.  Feel uneasy running in the park alone?  Is there a man on the street acting suspicious?  In just a couple seconds, arm yourself with a sharp blade attached to your fist that will pierce skin, cut blood vessels and draw blood, and strike nerve endings and cause pain.

Self-defense shouldn't be a burden.  Always have some peace of mind with Defender Ring™.