Plumeria Defender Ring™
Self-Defense Ring Jewelry (TOP ONLY)

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Plumeria Defender Ring™ (Top Only)

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*This product is for the Plumeria Defender Ring™ top only.  This product does not come with the ring band and attached blade.  This product can be used with any Defender Ring™ band in place of the current ring top.  All ring tops are interchangeable with any size ring bands.

Ring Design

The ring design is made up of a center flower bulb and is surrounded by five elegant leaves.  The Plumeria flower design is surprisingly very minimal on the finger of a woman.  The natural flow of a floral design, allows it to blend in seamlessly with any attire.

Multiple Designs

Defender Ring™ self defense ring comes in five (5) different designs that can be interchanged based on your style.  Simply unscrew one ring top, and screw on another ring top to change your look, while still being protected.  All Defender Ring™ tops or interchangeable with all bands of all sizes.  You can check out our other ring top designs here:

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Plumeria Defender Ring™ Picture 

Plumeria Defender Ring™ (Top Only) Self Defence Jewelry

Additional Ring Information

Plumeria Defender Ring™ integrates fashion and personal defense into one small, light, stylish piece of jewelry that is both practical for everyday wear and effective at defending against an attacker.  

All of our personal protection rings are dual-purposed, serving primarily as everyday jewelry, and secondly as self-defense weapons for women.  This allows women to wear Defender Ring™ as part of an outfit, rather than having to carry something heavy, bulky, or dangerous in a bag, purse, or pocket.

The design for Plumeria Defender Ring™ was naturally inspired by the beautiful Plumeria flower.  They are known for having just five symmetrical leaves and vibrant, attractive colors such as white, pink, yellow, red, and cream.  Plumerias symbolize positivity, beauty, youth, Spring, charm, and life.  Various colors may represent the wearer's relationship status in Hawaii.  Other cultures use the Plumeria for healing, fragrances, and spirituality.

Plumeria Flower in Nature


  • Sleek, Modern Hand-Crafted Design
  • Polished
  • Textured Pattern
  • Ring Top Can Be Interchanged with Any Defender Ring™ Band
  • Utilizes a Screwing, Thread Mechanism to Connect/Disconnect from Band



Ring Top Size: